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I am thinking of being part of the Orange Revolution

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Takamii, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. So I took a new 2012 ktm 450exc out for a test ride in dirt bike form - and it has tempted me

    It was de restricted except for the exhaust system

    smooth due to fuel injection and weighs in at 111kg to be fair my bike is a 2003 model

    so its smoother power delivery and lighter than my wr450f and as such feels more nimble and feels like it handles better but the wr450f just seems to have more brute power than the KTM as the wr450 with a 14/48 gearing will power wheelie my 110kgs in the first 4 gears

    The 6th gear on the ktm also feels good because with the wr450f I always feel like looking for 6th gear

    The KTM has many after market parts available etc etc can easy buy a map switch to make it mild to wild on the fly

    meh - any one have any other pros and cons they want to discuss ?

  2. Ahhh about time!!!! Euro all the way, Husky over KTM (I don't like the feel of the front ends on the KTMs I've ridden) and the Husky has the switchable map on the fly STOCK :) 2 maps, mild and wild as well.....

    The gearing thing is just down to gearing......smoother on the KTM which is likely down to taller gearing yeh? And wqhy you're always searching for 7th and 8th gears LOL.........keep the short gearing on the dirt bike wheels, the tall gearing on motard rims?

    So you thinking of keeping the WR for motarding, the KTM for the dirt, or selling WR and having a KTM motard? When will you come riding in the mud mate!!!!:????? :) :) :)
  3. If I had the money, no doubt I would get a new KTM, their bikes are just better, heck yamaha only just brought in FI for the WR in the 2012 model.

    I find myself looking for a 6th gear all the time :(

    I'd say if you're happy with the WR, don't worry about it but if not, get the KTM. You can always donate me your motard setup for my WR :D

    out of curiosity though how much is a brand new 450exc? they do have alot of aftermarket parts, though maintenance is a tad more expensive.
  4. The KTM feeling like it has less brute power than the WR might be due to the smoother running engine. I did the valves in my DR650 recently (exhaust were very loose) and now the bike runs a lot smoother, but feels like it has less power. However it wheel stands slightly easier and accelerates just as quick if not quicker. I put everything down to the smoother running engine.
  5. I test rode a 2012 Husky 450 about 3 months ago --- i wasnt impressed as it felt very underpowered
  6. I can't really power wheelie my 04 450 EXC (stock gearing and 17s). Can do ok ones on my Street Triple (-1 front). I expected it to be much, much easier on the KTM.
  7. I bet it was the same as the 2012 TE310 I demo'd - choked up to pass ADR's.
    The 2012 Husky line up are coming with 'race kit' upgrades for free. Makes them 'unroadworthy' but opens them right up....

    My bike was much like the demo, clogged up and very snatchy/jerky fuelling.
    Post the ECU/Injector/tune upgrade she has come ALIVE! :)
  8. Really? power wheelies are easy dirt bikes :) how come you can't? should be easy!

    Why on earth did they make them so bad to make 'em road worthy but then offer an upgrade kit which makes em unroad worthy? kinda suck don't you think?