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I am the slowest sports bike rider in the world

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. I must be the slowest sports bike rider in the world

    I had this epiphany today.

    I would not say its a lack of skill or that I have fears of some sort

    My R1 is a 99, old yes - as sportsbikes go, but it is in concourse condition with only 15000 kms on the clock ( yep average of 1500 kms per year ) it can do warp speed - but I really have no desire too, either from the standing start or flogging it in higher gears

    Seriously I am happy riding it at the posted speed limits and enjoying the scenery etc without having to be on the knife edge of concentration for those high speed jaunts many are fond off.

    I am in no way saying or commenting about those that may enjoy rather spirited riding

    Its nice to know the bike has the power and speed and tap should it be required, but after many years of some very fast road cars etc -- the speed bug doesn't bite me any more.

    I have the most fun on it balancing it when coming to a set of red lights to see if I can win the go slow race where I don't have to stop fully and put my foot down.

    I have been asked -- why do I have a R1 if I don't ride it fast - because I like the bike I guess.

    I am weird, over the hill or is any one else in the same sort of position/opinion ?
  2. ill swap ya for my 250? :D
  3. track day is in order
  4. Honestly I have no desire to do a track day
  5. I'd blame it on the cyclists........ :p
  6. I like you :)
  7. I thought I was the slowest thing going up the Macquarie Pass today (I now reside in Wollongong)... I'm trying to fine tune my compression and rebound and I think it was way off today. I'm looking forward to doing more 'research' tomorrow!

    Some of today I was happy going slow and taking in the breathtaking scenery that the south coast has to offer, so no, you aren't weird.
  8. The purpose of riding is to make you happy, so do what pleases you. A bike is an individual machine, everything else is immaterial.
  9. Not weird.

    You like what you like. At least you're man enough to admit that. :]
  10. ur mocking us :-( lol
  11. Actually I tend to think I've the slowest full stop. In fact I've kicked turtles overtaking me around the outside line on bends.

    Ride your own ride. Enjoy it. Who cares if you're not the fastest?
  12. Yes, you are a bit weird...but aren't we all.
  13. no. everyone else is though
  14. Some people are happy riding fast , some are happy cruising, you have found what makes you happy, thats all that matters,
    And mitch it was probably hornet making you feel slow up the pass, i think he knows every inch of that road :LOL:
  15. = you're getting old?
  16. I ride a VTR250 so even if I wanted to go fast I couldn't but I also have no desire for warp speed.
    That might change once I upgrade but for now I enjoy my relaxed rides to work and back (that's when I ride the bike) and I'm even happy to sit behind 15 cars at the lights.
    My next bike will be a much quicker bike but that'll be for safety reasons to help me get out/away from trouble such as cars merging into me as happened yesterday.
  17. Weird? A little yes, since riding a 'hardcore' sportsbike you're sacrificing alot - fuel effiency, comfort, practicality, did I say comfort? :) And cruising around at the speed limit obviously isn't taking advantage of what its designed for. So in terms of riding you might as well be on a scoot or more practical bike. But of course that wouldn't have the pose vale of the r1, or the 'doesn't matter car comes up behind me I can blow it away' factor. Bike choice is never related to logic though so.. meh.
  18. Perhaps both to some, but ride your own ride. Riding means different things to different people, whether you like to cruise, ride spiritedly, or like testing the limits of both yourself and your bike. Most importantly you ride for enjoyment IMHO, and how you define enjoyment is up to the individual.
    I am happy to scoot along at a tad over the advisory, even more-so on roads I am familiar with. Unfamiliarity makes me a little cautious, perhaps a little over-cautious.

  19. see this doesn't make sense with the rest of your post :-s
  20. What do the people at your retirement village think of you still riding? :moped: