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I am so stupid!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kungfupigeon, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. beginner here... saw my bro stopped beside the road so i decided to pull over to see if he needs help, forgot to set the footrest down and.. well u can imagine a bike trying to stand up by itself....

    My indicator shell's broken as well as the lil bulb on my clutch.... argh! hitting myself right now.... is it hard to find replacement of the orange plastic for my indicator or hard to install a clutch lever? :-( not happy at all. *hits self*

  2. PLEASE PLEASE when you ask these questions let us know what sort of BIKE you ride it is ever so helpful.
  3. As much as people are going to rib you for it, don't stress, your not the first, and wont be the last person to drop your bike that way.

    Here is my ribbing

    =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

    Don't know what you ride, but I doubt it'll be that hard to fix.
  4. Its not that stupid. Ive been riding over 5years and did it myself only the other week. And that was on my 109!
    Everyone has a momentary lapse of concentration from time to time.
    Certainly dont beat yourself up about it.
  5. both clutch lever and indicator bulb are quite easy to replace, depending on what bike you have. If its a naked, then even better!
    That is, unless the title of the thread holds some truth :p

    I was teaching my sister to ride my bike, and quite soon realised that it was a big mistake to let a youngin on a flashy new faired bike, as she dropped it and smashed the indicator bulb and dented the exhaust...
    Both were pretty easy to fix. Gave me a good excuse to put that aftermarket exhaust on anyways...
  6. We've all done it, don't beat yourself up.
  7. Its something you only do once then you remember through painful experience to not do it again. Dont feel bad, we all have done that. Id say there are many bikes getting around with broken indicator lights and the like. (both mine and hubbys included in that)
  8. wow that's just the stupidest thing ever!...omg you must be so dumb!
  9. well it's fixed for now... i ride a GSX250F... i used araldite to temporarily glue the bulb back onto the clutch lever and it's holding... the indicator.. only the orange shell broke off and i've glued it back using some araldite as well... i'll have to get the clutch lever replaced before my road worthy cert im guessing
  10. Meh, that's not stupid.
    Stupid is getting lazy and not checking to see if it's in neutral, standing beside the bike, hitting the starter with the clutch only half pulled in. That's some starter motor KTM have got there! - bike launches forward a good metre dragging me with it (thank $%^& it didn't fire!) and teetering on the brink of tipping before I finally got my footing again.
    That's stupid. And lucky.

  11. Well I haven't :cheeky:

    But I have gone to ride off with the stand down more times than I will admit](*,)

    Lucky my bikes stand switches work eh.

  12. i've left for work forgetting to put my helmet on once. i realised when i stopped at the first set of lights and went to lift my visor up haha.

    i also tried to ride of with a big ass chain still attached to the swing arm once.

    also guilty of pissing around for like 20 minutes trying to figure out why my bike would'nt start...yep, kill switch was on.

    once i dropped a brand new bike the first day i got it...that is like the worst feeling in the world...i was inconsolable...i think i may have been in shock actually...my wife had to slap me in the face to bring me out of it.