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I am so HAPPY!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dr Who, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. G'day everyone,...

    Why am I so Happy you ask,..?

    Well its been about 3 months of delays and putting off this particular task but now it is soon all done,..
    What is it,...?

    Well, on sataday comming I will be collecting my Romana who will have just had her 72,000k major service!
    And to top it off a small oil leak that has been driving me nutts by dripping ocasional drops of oil on the insides of her fairings that in turn cause small stones and dust and dirt to stick to it will be gone as it turns out to have been the oil seal behind the water pump that deteriorated.
    Now replaced.

    I get to go back to rideing again!
    Thats why I am happy!
    Look out coffee nights because here I come again!!!!!

    Dr Who?
  2. must say you 'waited' long enuff to fix the leak?!! glad you're back on 2 wheels!
  3. congrats - pardon my ignorance but what is a Romana - even tried a google image search but couldn't work it out, I'm intrigued
  4. ..I'm assuming that "Romana" is the bikes name!!... congrats on getting it back =D>
  5. Romana is the bikes name and she has to be seen to be believed :) I am sure that you will get a chance now that Romana is back.

    Good to hear you are back again Dr Who.
  6. Woo hoo, way to go.

    Look forward to catching up with you again.
  7. Romana is a mobile work of art.
  8. G'day everyone,...

    Well this Sataday started out so full of hope, optimisam, and exitment.
    Then it took a turn for the worse,...
    My Neice got sick and that set the tone for the day.

    I showed up to pick up Romana at the pre-aranged time only to find out she was'nt ready because her oil seal had'nt been fitted.
    Nobody had bothered to call me and let me know, I was not Happy!!!

    Though I have had the pleasure of rideing my brothers CB250, and I had forgotten just how comfortable they are to ride.
    But I do miss the fact that Romana dose'nt notice things like steep hills,... The CB250 is no slouch though, she may need to lean into it to get up the same hill but the Venerable CB250 will always get you there.

    robbie55 Yes Romana is the name of my bike,.... I had a crush on Lalla Ward when I was growing up and just love her charicter in the Sci-fi series Dr Who.

    Ah well, I guess I have no choice but to wait till Romana is done, just needs to be put back together and her major service is done and she is all healthy again, then let the fun begin!

    Dr Who?
  9. Are you the real Dr. Who?
  10. Yes he is but he has regenerated so you may not recognise him. ;)
  11. Romana, hmmmm. I had a notion in 1980 to put together a Moto Martin GSX11 and theme it after dr who. 'Time Lord' was going to be the title. Like most of the things of wanted to do it never happened, but ...
  12. G'day everyone,...

    Only time will tell!


    Dr Who?
  13. G'day everyone,...

    But nothing!

    Just do it!

    Dr Who?
  14. Well, I could sort of argue that I have. The Martin would have looked stylish in its day but it's sadly dated now, and it wouldn't have done anything substantially better than the ZX14 I have now. It would have been rare and exclusive, which means that it'd be identifiable on CCT footage even without the number plate, so...

    And I did have one go at a GSX11 in an after market frame, and it was very good, but it wasn't the most practical day to day ride. Again, the 14 does everything it did only better. Except the 14 isn't the one and only example in the world.
  15. G'day everyone,...

    I picked up Romana today, it was good to ride her again after so long.
    Only hic-up in the day is after I got a few K's down the road I come to my first right hand turn only to find out that the front right hand indicator dose'nt work!

    They were all working when I took her in for her service.
    I gave them a call as I had only gone to my brothers place 10 mins down the road and they think the indicator plug (where it plugs into the wireing loom from the fairing) might not be all the way in, now got to drop it back into them on the way into work monday so they can fix it before I go to work.

    Ah,.. the joy never ends,............

    Dr Who?
  16. G'day everyone,...

    I took Romana back this morning and she just needed her indicator pluged back into the loom again.
    Simple, fixed in a jiffy!

    All HAPPY now and purring along nicely.

    Dr Who?