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I am so getting a scooter after tonight !!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Mickyb V9, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Yes . . . Vespa GT250ie

  2. Yes . . . Aprilia SportCity 250ie

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  3. No . . . DO YOU WANT TO BE GAY ?

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  1. A few us has a social gathering at the Rocks tonight and as we were leaving the Sydney Scooter club turned up !! . . all these mad chromed up multi-headlight whipper snippers turned up, true swinging 70s style with fox tails and aerials !!! :shock:

    It got a little nasty !! . . . those scooter gangs are viscious !! hahaha :p

    Anyway . . . I think I have seen the light !
    I'll be looking at swapping my VTR for a Vespa or Aprilia Sportcity 250ie !! to be used as a commuter.

    Here are some pics ! . . a little dark, but you can work out the chrome !

    See Sleddogs Boulevarde being pushed around !! hahaha


    Check this out . . . bike parking 50m up the road . . . Scooters park right at the pub !! hahahahaha


    So do I become a scooterist ??? :?
  2. First the duc, now a scooter, are you trying to drop some hints towards something Micky?
  3. yeah, I enjoy a latte with one sugar on weekdays
    and strong black on weekends !

  4. Well Scooter Mike,
    I didn't think a pink sccoter was your thing but...
    Hey, your not in Nth Syd anymore??
  5. hey Ed !
    I am man.
    But i park under my building or at Fitness First.

    I alternate between the VTR and the Ducati depending on which bike has fuel or how i feel in the morning ! LOL Probably why you don't see me around.

    If its tight-ass-tuesday, I take the VTR to work. :rofl:
    Hows the RVF going . . when are you coming for a ride ????
  6. make sure you decide before the mardi gras :LOL:
  7. who rides a bloody scooter god ,, so sus mick ha :p
  8. get a pink one Micky and maybe DOB will let you lead the parade... :rofl:
  9. Mickyb, so you are seriously going to go ahead with it. Well to make it worth it I want to see that Scoot his the Old Pac at full lean one day. :)
  10. Come on mick, get your scooter and get your knee down!

    Then post the pics.

    Damn I thought you were northish sydney, not north sydney, damn!
  11. Aprilia Pegaso :?
    or is tomorrow going to be another bike :LOL:
  12. Piaggo MP3 !

    I wanna be the first in Syd with one. :p
  13. Oi!! I get a Duke, you get a Duke, I get a scooter, you get a scooter......so when are you buying the Beemer then?
  14. I don't mind this one:

  15. Oi!

    Are youse saying I'm gay?
  16. Does it count if I get a 318i ?