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I am so displeased with myself Right Now!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ChArMs, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Today was my L's riders course i went to the clyde one i got lost getting there and the traffice was herndous!! I was suposed to be there atleast 12:15 pm but got there at 12:40pm i went in asking what group im in one of the men said check the other rooms i went to another it was a chick instructer i said am i in this group she goes yeah i told her i got lost yada yada she said sorry your 10 mins late you have to rebook !! :mad: :mad: Damn Cow! :LOL: :LOL: sorry my rant i was so looking forward to doing the course to get my L's now i have to spend more money :(

    Damn it :evil:

    Question where is a good place to do the riders course other than Clyde!

  2. traffic? lane split? ;)

    sux tho :(
  3. Hey, Charmaine. That sux big time :cry: But just refocus and get booked in again as quickly as possible.

    Can't help you with another rider's course cos I'm in Victoria. How long would you have to wait to redo it at Clyde?
  4. Don't know whereabouts you're located ChArMs, but the one at HART in St Ives is pretty good.

    Sucks about your course today though!!! I'd ring 'em up and complain to the manager about the cow. Probably won't change anythiong, but it'll make you feel better...
  5. St Ives are good but I think they all apply "if you're late, you're out " policy.

    Good Luck!!
  6. Getting the L's don't think he was riding

  7. ^^ i think that might be a tad too far :LOL:
    I dont think it would do much if i rang them lol

    Hey Fuzzy i wanna book it again :grin: as for booking at clyde i had to wait over a month for this one :eek: probly be the same again me thinks if i were to do it there again.

    Yes traffic piled lanes of cars stoppped at lights :p :LOL: me getting anxious wanting to beep the car horn :LOL: but i didnt! haha
  8. I must say im a She! Not A He! :LOL:
  9. Note the surreptitious winking smiley... :wink:
  10. Being late is your fault. I did my Ls at Clyde and got there for the 12 of clock start no problems.

    just book there again.
  11. awwwwwww Charms!!!!!!! Most places apply the "you're late, you're out" policy... I did mine at Botany, which was pretty good!! keep phoning the RTA trying to find cancellations somewhere. It's easy if you're willing to travel!
  12. Always pays to be early...

    Nothing you can do about it now tho, book for the course again and make sure you allow plenty of time to get there.
  13. OOOPS.

    My mistake. Sorry.

  14. For my L's and P's i made sure i would get there with an extras 10-20mins to spare just incase something happens on the way. You could always get someone to pillion you there so that way you won't be late.
  15. The reason why they stick so harshly to the "if you're late, you're out" policy is because :
    They start explaining stuff. If you're late, you have obviously missed part of it. If you are let in anyway and you mess up during the course and you hurt yourself, they can be sued for not briefing you up properly/completely.

    Don't blame them. They are just covering their rears :]
  16. penrith is good... they dont mind if ur a little late...

    one of the guys in my course was 15 mins late on the first day and he was ok with it... so yeh...
  17. I hate being late for anything, i was 50mins early for my Ls :eek:
  18. Suck it up. It clearly states what time you have to be there, you should've left earlier.

    If the instructor's name at Clyde was Karen, she's more than fair.
  19. it is a little disapointing, but I guess lesson learned :|

    I had to travel 1 1/2 hours for my course, and I think I was over 45 minutes early, I left heaps of extra time just incase something came up. Didnt wanna risk losing the $225 :eek:
  20. i'd like to see that in a cage haha if you didnt notice she is going for her L's