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I am so confused right now

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by friction, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. During my commute hom in the right hand lane of Eastlink outbound, following a (nearly) safe distance from the car in front, below the speed limit because that's the speed the freeway was moving.

    This guy behind me starts cracking the shits, right up in my bumper, swerving left and right, backing off then accelerating right up. I made the palm up "what?" gesture - I certainly couldn't go any faster!

    Whatever, I'll move over and let him move one whole car up - head check to my left, a motorcyclist beside me looks right at me and points behind him with his thumb - like a thumbs up sign but pointed backwards. At first I thought he might be complaining about the dick behind me, but his face looked really serious - on the precaution that maybe they're trying to warn me about something wrong with my bike or my venture rack or whatever I jump in the emergency lane and start slowing down - the car (now beside me) is slowing down too with the driver looking right at me.

    I stop, the car and bike keep going so I check my bag and bike - all ok.

    What the hell was the biker trying to say?!

  2. maybe he meant to go behind him in his lane?
  3. remember that guy you were giving a lift home from work ?
  4. ahahahaahahhaa made my day

    he was probably just trying to psyche you out
    and he did
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    Yup! That's it.
  6. Probably just warning you of impending DOOOOOOOOOOM
  7. It sounds like he might have been making sure you were aware. Perhaps he didn't see you indicating to the driver.

    Personally when that happens I get right out of the way if I can. I want nothing to do with them - unless I think they might then just run up behind some other rider in front of me that I think is less experienced than I am and may panic.
  8. I'd say he wanted you behind him.
  9. hahahahahaha, reply of the day!
  10. If I made that gesture it would be to warn you of that idiot sitting up your arsk.
  11. All of the responses and also the funny one, couldn't you have moved into the next lane?
  12. I was going to, he comes up behind me being a dick - I quietly crack it but yeah I was about to move over, only problem was that bike was there. In a moment of "crap is something wrong with my bike?" I pulled into the right hand emergency lane, so in a way I did lol