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I am really, really pissed off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mendy, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Because I picked up my zzr250 today:cool::dance:

    Anyways it was leaking oil a little when i got home, I presume it was over filled.
    So iwas inside on NR looking up the issue.
    I go outside to try and drain the oil, and my bike is 3 meters or so down the st, lying half way into the gutter and the car parked there.

    It seems like someone tried to take it, my friend thinks that one of the neighbors was annoyed at having the bike parked near the entrance.:-s

    Anyways I took pics and my waited for my brother to help lift it up.
    Pics from how I found it

    Note: The second picture shows an oil spill, which is where I left the bike to diagnose the problem, bike obviously a few metres away from where I left it. I was only inside for roughly 20 minutes.

    And yep, I am really FUKCING annoyed right now. ](*,)](*,):evil:

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  2. So did you look for the owner of the car?
  3. Yep happens to be my sisters . .
  4. There is no way it rolled?? (stranger things have happened)
  5. around a pole? I dont think so.
  6. Far out :(

    Sorry to hear. Much damage?
  7. I'm guessing someone walking by thought they'd be a dick... doesn't even look like it was parked in the way? Although I wouldn't particularly want oil patches on the pavement infront of my building if I lived there..

    Any scratches/damage?
  8. Ah shit that sucks! Looks like that gutter will have done a number on the right side too.
    How was it sat? I mean, what direction? I doubt it could have rolled like that... but the gutter might have guided it down into the car too?

    Devo its easy enough to clean up oil if you dont leave it for days ;). Kero or any reasonable degreaser... rough brush/scrub and hose.
  9. No way it could have rolled that far. Would others have known that was your sister's car because to me it half looks like someone tried to tip it into the car.
  10. You need one of those 50000 volt protection systems
  11. That'll buff right out :)
  12. fux sakeā€¦ hope the person who did it has some nasty shit happen
  13. haha best comment.

    but seriously I'd be so pissed off If I just got it too, esp if some ******** actually did that.
    Well things cant get much worse, only way is up from here!
  14. Mate must have been sickening to see your first bike like that, and you probably don't want to hear this right now, but the lesson is ALWAYS LOCK IT UP. there are a lot of evil little shits out there.

    Hope you get it back on the road real soon.
  15. Actually the bike took a liking to the car and decided it needed to get closer and spoon it.
  16. Person who did this needs to DIAF ... hope it doesn't cost you too much to get it fixed mate.
  17. Yikes!

    Someone would do that? I hate people.
  18. Thats some seriously poor form right there Mendz....Really sorry your excitement was so short lived, Karma to these bastards!
  19. Did you call the plods ?? By the look, Old mate has tried to ride off and his eye's caught the gutter and thats where he went. I'm betting my left nut his prints arer all over the back left quater of that car. usually only good for a day.
  20. It started fine yesterday after the incisent, but this morning was a no go[-(
    Damage so far - broken brake lever, cracked fairings (and indicator), foot brake bent a little, windshield crsked and a piece sperated and mirror stalk a little cracked.
    Truth is, damage is not as bad as I first thought. Could be a LOT worse.
    I'm really annoyed because the bike was in amazing cosmetic condition before this incident.
    While legal proceding are being discussed, in the meantime, it's off to my local mechanic.