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I am off my P's!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. WOOHOO!!! Chuffed to bits. I went into the RTA in North Sydney to change my address and get my license unrestricted. I noticed that my license then turned from grey to gold as well for some reason. As for a new bike, I would love one. Myself and missus have just bought a house in Berowra, a Sydney suburb at the start of the Old Pacific Highway. As a result I have to do that run on my GS500 for a while, until I can scrape some cash together, and until my better half can sos out whether she likes being a pillion (now that she can be one). If she likes pillioning (is that a word?) then it will be some sort of ST or muscle bike, otherwise the purchase will be more selfish. :p

  2. :beer:

    Well done!!!

    Now that you're in Berowra we'll have to catch up for a couple rides...
  3. Absolutely Pete. I have to see your new bike too. How is it running?
  4. Like a fooken dream. I don't care what anyone else says about the Hyos, mineis a gem...

    I get off my P's on the 17th, we could do a 'double date' - you with your wife as pillion, me with my G/F...
  5. So Spud, congrats, but I've got to ask; did you buy the house in Berowra so you could be close to the old Highway?? :LOL:

    {I live 2 miles from the base of the Macquarie Pass; how lucky am I??}
  6. Berowra, whilst being a dirty great hole in the ground does have the advantage of the Old Road going north and Berowra Waters leading out into the great untamed north-west going west...

    My place in Hornsby is only about 600m away from Galston Rd, which goes into the Galston Gorge and then out into some of the nicest roads that the North side of Sydney has to offer.

    I went and did Scheyville Road the other day, bee-ooo-diful. Off the Putty Rd, through Scheyville NP and then lunch at Berowra Waters... Life is good.