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I am now a hoon :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BalmyBrowny, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Just done my first wheelie!!!! sort of accidental :oops: lights were red so was slowing down using the gears... just let clutch out in first and saw lights go yellow on the other set so knew were changing soon... kept my roll goin.... and gave the lil girl a few revs thinking i could have a quick take off :grin: then green and i'm away... only let the cluth slip a bit and :shock: front wheel is up.... was onyl about 20 or 30 cm and for about 2 seconds.. but hey... was still a wheelie.... :cool: ha ha ha.... poor 250 prolly sh*t itself.... as i surely did .... heart was racing and HUGE smile on my face :D damn hoon....

  2. Stupid twins and their fancy "torque"... :p

    Remember to check for cops :)
  3. cops are tops.
  4. Haha you got nothing on me! 20 minutes into my riding experience on my HART prelearner course the instructor made the signal to go faster so I revved hard and pulled a fat wheelie. Hehehe. But as for the zzr, wd! Btw, what exactly is slipping the clutch? is it just letting it out too quickly? Ta.
  5. They know you're being a smart @ss when you have one of those stickers on your bike :shock: :grin: :LOL: :grin: :)
  6. Accidental wheelie doesnt make u a hoon. Unless its not accidental.
  7. he he.. i reckon they would be harder on you if you had that sticker on!!!!

    phizdog... ha ha h.. thats great mate.... what did your intructors say about that?? ;) Slipping the clutch to my understanding is getting the clutch to engagement point then letting it 'slip' in....

    Ktulu... i ALWAYS am on the look out for cops... here in bris they like hiding behind trees and poles with a radar gun ;)
  8. by law it does!
  9. yep... they crackon down on hoonin laws here too....
  10. clutching it up involves pulling in the clutch, revving the bike to its sweet spot (normally around 8-10g on 600cc bikes) then dropping it back up. it can get quiete violent at times lol.
  11. violent.... yes!!!! hence the surprise... he he... glad that i have a lil ole 250 for that reason... would of flipped i reckon if tried that with a 600......
  12. thats why i dont do it on my bike...once was enough HAHA.
  13. he he he... good on ya breno.... i guess once ya know it does it... kinda takes the curiosity away from it hey...
  14. BalmyBrowny doing well, :) now all you need to start doing is sitting further back in your seat and the front end will come up easier and longer. :grin:
  15. hehe now its just the endos i gotta get down pat. only problem is my bike is too pretty atm to risk it.
  16. that's how it is when you learn. you dump it with heaps of revs and kill your clutch, stretch your chain and soil your pants. but it's cool. every one starts there.

    slipping the clutch is a very fluid motion. it's a slow and controlled in and out on the left hand as the right hand starts to add gas. once you see the technique, you will never go back to dumping or power wheelies again.
  17. so you can actually make it a smooth transaction?

    doesnt have to be calm calm calm AHHHHHHHHH HEEEELLLLPPPP ONE WHEEL IS IN THE AIR!!

    it could be mroe like calm clam clam, sweet. its like unicycle that chicks dig.
  18. Getting the front wheel up on a 250 isn't really the hard bit. That is trying to keep it up in the air. Still no matter how big or small, short or long a wheelie is it still always puts a smile on my face. :)
  19. i could get the TZR250's fron tup over an intersection. that always made me smile. sometimes scream. i can do the same on the 6, just under power in first but its only weak.
  20. Just be careful that there isnt another vehicle trying to beat the amber light on the road cutting across your path. One of my friends recalls how her friend was killed by doing just that. So look both ways, so that you can ride and lift that front end another day! :wink: