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I am now a fully unrestriced rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, May 21, 2007.

  1. I just leveld up.
    Now I am a fully unrestriced rider.
    No More P's for me.
    Who wants to lend me there bike? [​IMG]

  2. nice work. you can have mine hahahahahaha. it's repaired (rather badly), and is for sale, (somewhere close), and i give you permission just to take it.... oh wait. u have a zzr. thats probably not funkified.
  3. Ya carrrrn. Mine come off tomorrow!

    Except that I'm still on car Ps, so no matter how big the bike I get, it'll need a P plate till March 2008 :p

    pop the champers anyway, J!
  4. Re: DING!

    Can I assume that the ZZR is on "Short-time" now... :)
    Well done, Falcon-Lord!.
  5. Re: DING!

    Alas due to me being a lazy prick, I have not goten ar (Read any where) on my funding scheme for teh new wheels...

    So I should get my tail into gear and work on that.

    I think I'll have the ZZR for a little while to come.
    This is part of the reason I got a good 250 instead of a sh!t box, because I knew odds on I'd be riding it for more than the required 15 months.
  6. Well done Falcon-Lord !

    I just got off of my restrictions 2 weeks ago.
    Traded in my ZZR-250 and got myself a Triumph Sprint ST, 955cc.

    Do yourself a favour and make the move up to a bigger bike. I actually feel like I'm a better rider on the bigger bike. the ZZR was just too small for me and too much effort to ride.
  7. congrats mate..... on doing your time. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long before you can upgrade.
  8. Sucked in, now you have to buy the expansion pack :p
  9. Bewdy, come and have a fang on the Minja when you feel like it.
  10. Congrats! You've done your time, now enjoy! :)

    See you out there!

  11. And suddenly I felt a disturbance in the force......like a billion voices suddenly crying out in terror!!! :wink:
  12. :applause: :beer:

    Now to start learning!
  13. Hey.
    what is with the subject change?
    Can't any one show a geeky sence of humor around here?
    I mean at least one person saw the amusment of the line and responded with an appropriate geeky responce.
  14. it happens a bit..... i've noticed that humorous subject lines get changed for plain english ones..... guess it makes it easier to find topics but does take some of the fun out of the site at times.
  15. Good thing is the expansion pack comes with a set of Brakes +3, and a wider selection of feats & skills.
  16. And gem tradeskills to pimp out the new bike :grin:
  17. he he falcon. its cause no one REALLY admits they know anything about WoW :p but congrats on doin your time :) you now just gotta win lotto for your new bike :LOL:
  18. Congrats, F-L, way to go to bigger things.

    And for all you waiting folks, time DOES pass!!
  19. I've been going ding since the origional EQ...
    Non of this second string First person MMORPG stuff.
  20. :woot: congrats Falcon! Another couple of months for me. Just as well, coz my finances are currently screwed too! Although I'll probably find a way anyway :LOL: