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I am NiteKreeper...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NiteKreeper, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. ... and after about 30 years of riding mostly on dirt, I've just got my P's (I've had my L's 3 times...).
    Thankfully though, the RTA considers me a "mature" rider (fools!), so I'll be upgrading my license and ride in October 2011.
    For now though, I commute to Parramatta on my trusty '89 Spada, which I love to pieces (sometimes literally, as in this morning; but that's a story for another topic).
    I also own a '82 XZ550 "Vision", which is currently scattered around my shed waiting for inspiration to come to me. Inspiration, and money.

    The thing I love most about riding is what I like to call "The Brotherhood" - this automatically includes all the riding "sisters", of course:
    I nod at EVERYTHING except Harleys and Step-throughs (yep, that includes posties AND coppers), and I would NEVER ride past a biker who was pulled over, looking under their tank at something puzzling.

    Which is why I joined NR (paid a few weeks back and waiting for Mouth to appear, apparently...) - you f**kers are alright!

  2. Most of us are anyways.

    Welcome matey

  3. Welcome to the madhouse. Nice to see you got your member badge - I reckon mine will be here any minute now...


    Did it work? (runs over to the mirror to check ;) )
  4. welcome; racing wisdom always used to be that the skills of controlling a slightly out-of-control dirt bike was good preparation for riding on the road.....
  5. So NR has two superheros now

    Nitekreeper and Resmen save the PI6 hour

  6. que ??
  7. Welcome to NR :D
  8. Welcome, post pics of spada please :D
    I nod at EVERYTHING, including harley's, coppers, ambos, buses, truck drivers and scooters.
    The scooters are the only ones who just don't get it though :p
  9. I believe moto may be comparing my Spada to a Vespa - which model Vespa, exactly?
    edit: Now that I think of it, I'd happily attempt the PI 6-hour on a Spada or a Vespa!

  10. I nod at everything except cruisers too!

    But, what I do with cruisers, is give them an excited HELLO THERE!!!!! wave.

    The death stares are hilarious.
  11. nah I am just being silly - The adventures of Nitecreeper and Resmen sounds like a name for a superhero cartoon