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I am Lost.........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iffracem, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Not geographically..... but in spirit.

    The wee black beastie Across has moved on (insert sobbing sounds here)

    The daughter was to take over ownership, but changed her mind (AGAIN!)
    No sooner had my sarcastic remarks about yet another female tintop scourge of all bike riders everywhere is on the road tan a phone call saying "I'll give you $3200 cash if you can get it to my place tonight"

    It's gone <sniff.. sniff>

    Now... where's that trading post, gotta find me an old jap clasic to ride and continously fiddle with :cool:

    JJ (bikeless and feeling kinda lost)
  2. jj bikeless, the earth is doomed?!
  3. What ya gonna get? ZRX?
  4. No Hornet, not Doomed, DOOOOOOMED (said in best "dad's army" scottish voice) 'tis but a mere hiccup in my biking life.

    I'm just about to call about a decent looking old GS100G, 'bout my style I think.

    A gentlemens tourer is how I would describe it, some of the young 'uns would no doubt mumble "old farts land barge" both are accurate descriptions :wink:

    It's the right price, just gotta see if it's in the right condition :?

    No ZRX for me stereohead (with twin heads are you from tassie as well???) I like the more upright seating position, unless I can find a good '85 - '89 GSXR750, that'll be the exception.

  5. Well I'm no longer lost :grin:

    Nor did I buy the GS1000G, or a GSXR.

    I got me an '87 GPX750R, a little rough in the fairing department (as expected for a 19 yo bike) but mechanicaly SWOIT!!

    It's only about the same size as the Across, but fatter. Despite being a "sports" its got a reasonably upright sitting position, so no probs for this old fart :cool:

    Cost me $2,500, with 6 months rego and a brand spanking new rear tyre.

    Guess who's gunna do a quick oil/filter change tomorrow then a nice extended fang to get to know my new beast?

    JJ (much more at peace with the world)
  6. Gee, that was fast work!

    Photos in due course please...
  7. I don't muck around matey :wink:

    I shall post pic's once cleaned up a bit, the bike was in his shed for a fair while, and he hadn't even bothered to wash it, extra bonus for me, as I could see any oil leaks etc.

  8. Glad to see you've seen the light and bought class. insert kwakasaki and remember .. that thing between your knees is the petrol tank..

    no!! not the dangly thing, the metal thing with the cap on,, :p :p
  9. My goodness, would that be a land speed record !! :LOL:
  10. Good work JJ, twill be nice to see the pics.
  11. Congrats on the upgrade!
    Tis indeed a sad day to see your little 2-fiddy go... i was moping for atleast a fortnight - all the while catching the bus everywhere and going to coffee night, practically chasing after anything with 2 wheels and more than 125cc.
  12. Great work Iffracem ;)

    Nice to hear you found a good old Kwaka :)

    They're lovely.

  13. Wow, all that noise and you weren't even without a bike for 24 hrs. Never even had to catch the bus! :grin:

    We'll have to get some pics on Saturday.


  14. Thanx peoples :grin:

    Took it for a bit of a spin today, I love this beast :cool:

    It's so good to be able to just roll on the throttle and go without having to downshift and ring it's neck. The Across is a great toofiddy, and an excellent commuter regardless of capacity, but ya can't beat a bit of decent torque \:D/

    Only just got used to needing 6-7000 rpm to get anywhere on the Across....
    tooling along @ 110kph on the GPx is only 4,600 rpm

    Now lets see... tomorrow it's the channel "loop" with Techno... Sundays gunna be good weather so might head over the river and see what the Lake Leake road is like on a 750. :cool:

  15. Yeahh, that is really quick work.

    I googled a pic and it kind of looks like an Accross..?
  16. eh JJ

    is it like this one?

  17. That be the beast,
    except with black wheels and an after-market 4 into 1 extra farkin loud zorst

    Spose it is kinda across-ish in style, maybe that's just the style I like :?

    Anyways, Techno broke his bike (oil leak from the neutral switch???) bloody suzuki's :LOL: :LOL:

    so I'm off by myself

  18. Ahh you finally realised suzuki's just are aren't where it's at! Kwaka all the way !

    Hope you have fun with your new bike. Looks like a beauty!