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I am just so good at this whole petrol thing

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. So I saw the petrol light come on, oh yeah, another 30km at least from this, surely...

    Naturally, having a new bike (well, new to me) I felt compelled to test the limits...

    ...and ran out of gas going up the gladesville bridge tonight.

    It then started raining.

    And I had forgotten my wallet.


    So I walked my bike up the hill to the 7/11 at the bottom, after somehow turning right and walking casually into the servo with my bike.

    Note to self - take petrol light more seriously next time.

    Lucky I had 2 bucks floating around my boot (suzuki across oh how I love your boot).
  2. I've "peddled" the postie bike along the footpath on the PacHwy Turramurra after calculating my fuel use a little too closely but fortunately it was a slightly down hill trip and we get a fuel card :D
    Although there was that time when I was on my Ls and I couldn't work out why the TTR kept cutting out when I put the choke back in, reaching for the fuel tap I discovered I'd left it on reserve! Riding with the choke out and the sphincter clenched I was able to make it to the nearest servo without the need to push :LOL:
  3. does it not have a reserve tank?? if not, damned it!! :(

    i've had some close calls while doing across states touring, but the worst was on the way back from work and i knew i was low but i knew where the servo was (cause i didn't like the other two i'd already passed) and it just happens the servo is JUST after a MASSIVE two hills, very steep down and then very steep up (the up part is about 500 metres long and I loved to fang it up there - get into a low gear and get up to about 85 or 90 up there - a 60 zone - stop judging). anyways, JUST before the top it's losing speed at a very fast rate.

    there's no power in my throttle, so i JUST get to the top of the hill and onto the flat and pull over... idiotically, i turn the bike off - of course. anyways, do a quick check over of bike, turn the fuel switch over to reserve and the bike starts after 2 tries - another 1k up the road to the servo and fill up - feeling like an idiot, but SO HAPPY about being able to fix it myself :D
  4. Fuel light? Is that when the engine starts sputtering and you have to reach under the tank and switch to reserve?
    Just kidding - I've pushed various bikes down roads, across paddocks, along the beach etc to refuel, and I can't remember it ever being fun.
    Older bikes like mine don't have a guage, so I reset my tripmeter when I fill up and then look for a servo at around 200Km. Also a good way to monitor your consumption without obsessing over it...
  5. I've had to switch to reserve twice. Once on James Ruse Drive - going uphill of course. This was the first time I had to fill up the bike so I was purposely letting it run to sputter stage so I could get a feel for the fuel consumption (GS500 - No fuel guage just a trip meter).

    Second time was at 4:30PM on a week day on the Harbour Bridge. Aaaaand it's always going uphill isn't it? I knew I was close to needing reserve and was on my way to fill up but didn't switch over to reserve before I left the city. I was only stopped for about 10 seconds and the traffic around me was very polite.

    Not a bad idea though carrying a bit of emergency cash in a jacket inside pocket or your boots for when you forget your wallet. (y)

    Fun Ha!
  6. that's a REALLY good idea! thanks :D
  7. Back in the days when I rode pillion, we did a trip from Brissy to Ballina, his bike started coughing and sputtering, still way to go before the next servo. (hubby doesnt like filling up when theres still some petrol in the tank, I've always said one day he'll get caught out). Anyway, of course, we ran out of fuel, and coasted downhill (luckily) for a few k's, lo and behold, a petrol station in the distance, we coasted down and into the servo, bike stopped, totally out of petrol fumes even, right at the petrol pump.
  8. So, other people actually stop to switch to reserve?
  9. ..if i'm running low prior to leaving where I am, I will switch to reserve to make sure I make it to the servo.

    Ahhh!!... the beauty of a petrol gauge!!... (even if they aren't brilliantly trust worthy!!)... the 250 didn;t have one, so I had to remember to set the trip meter every time I fuelled up! (ha, ha,ha!!.. and sometimes did that after fuelling up the car by mistake!!)8-[
  10. Not usually. Although feeling along the tank edge with an unfamiliar bike isn't always a good idea if you're not wearing gloves, especially if there's sharp rusted edges or hot bits of engine in close proximity to the fuel tap.
  11. Agreed JD - takes a few grabs to find it on a "new" bike...
  12. My first bike gave little warning going onto reserve. A couple of times it just cut under moderately firm braking. Had not choice but to stop.

    But no, when I had a reserve. Most bikes you notice the bike leaning out a little in the few kilometers before, so you are ready, so just switch when it stumbles then you know exactly how many kilometers you have left.
  13. Just remember to switch back after you've filled up.:facepalm:

    I'm so paranoid about it now that I routinely check when the tank starts getting a bit low.
  14. Unfortunately the Triumph doesn't have a reserve switch. It has a light, which by their very nature are vague about when they come on. The Triumph isn't too bad because the window of vagueness is only about 7km but on some bikes that's about 30 km. After it comes on I know I've got about 30-35km but I've had the bike cut out at the lights outside a servo I was turning into. Had to push it across the pedestrian crossing.
  15. I just leave it on reserve, or I used to. Maybe I'll start using it, but the same thing would probably happen again because I'm retarded.

    Is there any reason why you shouldn't leave it on?
  16. :facepalm: Because you run outta petrol that way?
    The idea is that you run it in the ON position, until you "run out", then switch to the RES position and high-tail it to a servo.
    Also avoids any crap that MIGHT be in the bottom of your tank, dropping into the carbies or at least blocking filters.
  17. I see, but the highly advanced 1992 suzuki GSX250F Across has a red light which comes on about 2 minutes before you run out of gas, so it's pretty sweet to just run on reserve if i go by that yeah? my top end isn't going to blow itself off or anything as a result?
  18. Dude, how did running on reserve "all the time" work out for you today?
    Are you sure it's actually a fuel light? Checked your oil lately?
  19. Running on reserve, i do seem to get alot of attention from the ladies but i guess that comes with being totally awesome...

    Nah it's definately a fuel light, i think, because it seems to go out when i put petrol in the petrol tank, unless it's an oil light and i'm putting petrol in the oil tank, and the oil tank is remarkably large and somehow burns petrol :p
  20. It's also supposed to have an orange light come on well before the red one. Sounds like time to check the globes.