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I am In Love

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Adrian Lewer, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I am in love. the Honda CBF 1000. i love the way it looked, felt and the fact its got a shite load of storage room, good upright position for my cactus back (the CBR 125 is killing me slowly) (and it suits) all for $15,000 not bad. atleast its a bit tamer than the new fireblade i wanted :)

    Now off to do my P's

  2. Just remember that the top box and panniers for this come in at $3000 :roll:
    Certianly puts it at the bottom of the value for money tourer class.
  3. yeah i thought it would be some obscene price for the panniers and top box but having said that i still like it... felt nice.

    most tourers will be about the same dollars wont they ????

    whats a BMW worth or dont i ask ?

    i like the KTM in your avitar as well but i want to live for more than 5 minutes....
  4. Correct me if I am wrong but don't triumph include the panniers in the price of the ST1050 nowadays?
  5. I was surprised when I sat on the 1000 to discover that it has a lower seat height and fells lighter than the new Hornet 600. That said, it's a lot more money than around ten grand for a Hornet 900.......
  6. Dont be soft, you're only 28. Get the fireblade. You can get the CBF when you turn 50
  7. They do indeeeeeed.
  8. You'd be mad to get that over the Sprint st.

    Sprint st is only $15'990 afaik, comes with panniers as standard, has ~27hp more than the CBF1000, is far from an extreme riding position.
  9. not soft just like to preserve my life a little...

    what is the sprint ST

  10. [​IMG]
  11. I disagree. Some people might prefer the Sprint, but by no means are you mad if Honda suits you better.

    For starters, from all reviews I've seen, Sprint is pretty average in all regards apart from its lovely triple engine.

    Second, some people might simply prefer Honda's riding position which is much more upright, and the lower seat height. They might also prefer half-fairing to the fully dressed Sprint.

    Third, there's only small difference in torque between the two, so in the real world riding it probably doesn't matter much. Honda's looks are understated but there was one reviewer at least who said he had more hooligan fun on the Honda than any other bike.

    I actually see the visual understatement... ok.. blandness... of Honda as a plus - I'm not interested in attracting attention, quite the opposite. Some people like to sneak under the radar and CBF is great for that.

    Finally, you have Triumph build quality vs. Honda build quality... take your pick :)
  12. +1

    Don't grow old too early, you can't go back......
  13. Yeah. Tourers make you look old. My dad has one. Hes old.

    Also, bikes look silly with half fairing. All or none imo.
  14. I read tons of reviews of my bike before I bought it; most were very unsupportive. I'm veeery glad I took it for a test-ride regardless, cos it fits me perectly and is exactly what I wanted... despite the mags telling me I needed a Speed Triple or a Superduke or a Bandit or a z1000 etc etc.
  15. +9999...

    These guys get it. You're young once in your life. Enjoy what it gives you. Be brash, be silly, ride something that sings in your heart, even if it makes your back and wrists hurt.

    Plenty of time for tourers and cruisers later in life.
  16. -1
    The time to be careful is when you're young - you've got the whole life ahead of you (if you're lucky) and you don't want to spend it in the wheelchair either. The time to buy a crotch rocket is when you retire, because by then you've got much less to lose...

    Here's a quote about CBF1000:

    "Ironically, for bike with such a dull appearance, CBF1000 has given me some of the most fun riding I've ever had. At the launch two years ago in Greece I did more wheelies, slides and general hooliganry than on most proper sportsbike tests. That's mostly thanks to a superb engine set-up - the modified Fireblade lump is a genuine corker and the only one ever to genuinely live up to the 'retuned for more midrange' hype"
  17. Absofrkenlutely, build a 7/11 I say!
  18. I think this is the OP's point. He's found a bike that talks to him just right. Rather than a one-trick pony he might just have found a bike with which to do anything. Too many riders lumber themselves with a sportsbike because their mates convinced them they needed one. I've seen plenty of cases in bike retailing. Why not let people ride their own road?
  19. i really like this bike too and its all day comfort in a fairly sporty package...would be a great bike coming off your P's...but hey i was young once and know the importance of the big horsepower trackies.
    good luck...buying a bike is a tough decision these days
  20. Seeing as my post in this thread on Monday was deleted :!: I'll have another crack.

    If this bike (or others like this) call you, go do it. You can save $3k on a different brand however :wink:

    In capable hands they will keep up with "boy racers" and you can get off it at the end of the day without requiring a physio. :LOL: