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I am in love with my new helmet

Discussion in 'Helmets' started by Daylan78, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. Hi.

    I would just like to share with everyone that i have had my new SHOEI XR-1000 for 2 hours and 57 minutes and i am in love.

    Had an ancient RXT that was falling apart ( literally ) off my head and used to catch the wind, attract birds of prey, sound like Cyclone Tracy inside, felt like it weighed half a tonne with a shell so big, my head looked like that depressed android from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

    I tested my new helmet head on into a Road Train slip stream and.....NOTHING!!! Couldnt hear a darn thing! And i can lift my head up and sideways, i can see everything and i can even change the visor!! I CAN SEE OUT THE VISOR!!

    And most importantly... my head looks the right size!!

    I am wearing it while i write this post.

    *sigh* love is a beautiful thing :p

    MOD: Thanks for sharing but in future post your product review in the correct forum and not in general discussion.
  2. I have one as well. Yes they are very good. You have just gone from the
    "Daewoo of helmets" to the "Porsche/Ferrari of helmets". Great, isn't it!
  3. I love my SHOEI too :p
  4. hmm quiet? mines far from quiet, although i do keep all the vents open. i always need earplugs.

    though the xr1000 is comfortable, and easy on the neck.
  5. Congrats but I'm in love with my HJC CL-15 at half the price and its been on my head for about 900hrs :LOL:
  6. I suppose i love it so much because i am used to cheap helmets, and the wind noise is usually deafening. The difference between the RXT and the SHOEI is unbelievable.

    Also when a road train passes by, my head isnt thrown back violently like it was with the RXT. I reckon coz the shell size is heaps smaller. ( derrrr lol )

    I guess its not everyones cup of tea, but i am still in love with my helmet, despite all its good points and bad. Like any relationship, i suppose LOL!!

  7. I guess it comes down to what your head is worth eh?

    Sorry Chris .. couldn't resist mate ...
  8. Yup, love mine too. 3yrs old and going strong. Internal padding has flattened a bit and wind noise is a little worse, but I could go and buy new cheekpads. Earplugs solve the problem in the meantime anyway.

    Light, comfortable, well ventilated and easy on the eyes. Oh, and it fits beautifully too.
  9. I would just like to say, that i am so glad that other people love their helmets as much as i love mine :)

  10. Mine smells.
  11. Try showering more often Loz

  12. You'll keep :evil: :LOL: Mate more so it comes down to what ya noggin will fit into :) But I dont know if my head will be twice as protected in a Shoei but I do know I have only been half as sucked in by the marketing hype :LOL:

    Even now mate? :LOL:
  13. even stevens .. :wink:
  14. Next time you pop over to drop off the Taj Mahal tent + associated items, I can lend you my can of spray that freshens up insides of helmets :grin:

    But actually, you ever realised your head smells worse than the helmet? :eek:

  15. I do not have a Shoei shaped head. Can't even get the buggers on!
    HJC and Shark (plus the occasional Nolan) for me. :?
  16. Would Febreeze be a viable option in neutralising manky head-smell in helmets? My Shoei squishes my cheeks, so i am power-pushing my cheeks into the cheek pads to hopefully squish them out a bit...if i take them out there is too much room. That is my only beef so far

    ... its ok, i have powerful cheek muscles LMAOOOOO!!!!

  17. You can buy different thickness cheekpads, ask where you bought the helmet. Otherwise, they do wear down quite a bit - in a couple of months you'll be complaining about wind coming up past your chin!
  18. as my kbc is just shocking, a bit to big for me (fitted when i bought it, thanks for the help salesman :LOL: )... tried some on in PS in the city and actually had a good bloke help me!

    the shoei's fitted me well, the agv crushed my head or moved round.... but i can't afford a shoei at the mom :(