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I am gay

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. After todays ride i just realised i am gay :grin:

  2. You or Rob?
  3. Did you have a male pillion and realize that you like having a man behind you a little more then 'normal'
  4. Everyone who knows you, has been waiting for you to "come out".

    You offer up your bum for inspection, far more than a straight bloke would.
  5. I respect your decision, Loz.
  6. I don't.

    Does this mean that Cheng is "on the market?"
  7. Would you like to go out for a drink one night :wink:
  8. The offers are coming in already. This will be a whole new chapter in your life.
  9. Loz... I take it you mean you had a ..
    Or is Rob really THAT good a pillion ??? :LOL:
  10. Where did you put the Pots Loz? :shock:
  11. You only realised this now :shock:

    tell us something we don't know :p

    Cheers :cool:
  12. BWAAAAAAAAA added to sig
  14. I'm going to come out also and declare that I'm a lesbian.
  15. Time to start planning a ride up to Sydney for the Mardi Gras next year, then. :p
  16. Darn, a friend crashes, a friend gets pinged, and now one has turned gay.
    I'm never going to Thorpdale again.

  17. I'm a Lesbian (don't let my male genitalia put you off).
  18. It appears I have left myself logged in on Stewy's PC. Now he has come out of the closet for me.

    Ah well, saves me the effort I suppose. Your place or mine Johnny?

  19. nah not me, i like the female variety :wink:

    Yeah only had a sec to type type something in..... and you keep telling me how much of a great pillion rob was, so i thought you were trying to just figure out a way let the world know :LOL:

    Actually want to blame someone it was my trouble making missus who came up with the idea, to check to see if you were still logged in and post something up....you have to be on your toes round that girl, oh well she and me both thought it was wayyyyyyyy fuuunnnnnnnyyy :LOL:

    Thread can probably be locked and deleted, we have had our fun :grin: