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I am Crafar

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Crafar, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. and I say greetings and happy travels to all at Netrider.

    I was diagnosed with Motorcycle dependencey back in 1992 when Crafars evil brother turned up at home with a narcotic called GPZ900r .
    I was not aware of its addictiveness and I was not strong at this time in my life thus infection was swift and painless, it quickly took over every aspect of my life with its evil and twisted want of more, and eventually I took the dark path like so many lost souls before me and without the hope of no return walked to the crossroads of despair and scored my first hit a YZF600.

    But as with most hits the euphoria was only short and not enough, I had an appetite for more and noone or nothing would stand in my way of my need for more, selling all I owned and didnt own I set off to the other side of town the wrong side of the tracks yes I went back to that dark and dimly lit crossroad I had been to before , and with a glazed look in my eyes and and a sweaty handshake I departed with a grin that only people with the same sickness as mine yearn for.

    I am Crafar and I have a sickness. :grin:
  2. lol, very funny....

    Welcome to Netrider
  3. Welcome, Lets hope you never get well :grin: :grin:
  4. That is the best FIRST post I have ever read....

    welcome mate :) you will fit in well here with a SOH like that. :cool:

    How apt a comparison is that...spot on.

    I'm just wondering, I'm still on the soft stuff(250) so to say, can you tell me how long before the rush wears off and I have to up the ante and move onto hard stuff.(upgrade) :twisted:
  5. Gold.
    I hope you talk of 'The Sickness' by DISTURBED, also soundtrack to Judgement Day. It’s the only 'sick' one should hope to be, because sanity is the playground of the mediocre.
  6. PMSL. welcome to the world of sickos wher your sicknes is not only understood but actual welcomed to be worn like a badge of honour.
  7. GPZ900R, thats Lt Pete "Maverick" Mitchell's bike ! :shock:
    Did your brother crap on about being in that Danger Zone ? :rofl:
  8. Welcome Crafar, er, I think :LOL:

    Terminal addiction and a good dose of craziness are the unstated membership requirements for Netrider :grin:

    OI!!!! You are not related to Simon Crafar, by any chance?????
  9. Welcome to the asylum. Assimilation is quick.

    Especially if you have a boring job like me.
  10. Thank you brothers and sisters of Netrider for the open welcome , I am humbled to be surrounded by people like me that have been plagued by this sickness and am thankfull for refuge in this shelter of Netrider.

    Caz I too seek the answers you look for and can only offer this to you, that its ok to want more, you only get better when you acknowledge that you have a problem. Lets say it together .." I need more!"..

    MickyB spot on, Crafars evil bro tricked me into getting on that bike , I was not seeking "the need for speed" and the cars we whitelined on that fatefull ride were thinking what gooses, we actually ran out of fuel 5 km up the road and the cars passed us pushing the 900r. Its amazing how far you get when flying.

    Hornet600 were not brothers as such but he was very responsibile for where I am today.
  11. GIMME MORE!!!

    I need a new baby before the one I have decides she's had enough of me beating her every day and dies of exhaustion.
  12. being a high end heavy user, i suggest you will never ever be satisfied and your search for that ultimate euphoric feeling will take up the rest of your life.
    not many have ever managed to quit, and those that have are soon back on it. the withdrawals are too intense and there is no cure or method to ease them.

    welcome crafar :LOL:
  13. Hi Crafar, and welcome to the Netrider 'Home for the Differently Gifted'.....I nearly got out...but no....still here....
  14. I saw Disturbed live at the Superdome.
    Down With The Sickness absolutely went off.

    Korn sucked though... v. disappointing.
    Disturbed were worth full ticket price though.
  15. Welcome Crafar

    Oh yeah no problem fitting in. This one a keeper. Look forward to many more of your posts
  16. Hallelujah brother, and amen!

    Welcome, and pull up a pew. There's plenty of room in here!
  17. And always room for more!
  18. Hey Crafer, nice 1st post :LOL: and welcome to the forums.
  19. Hey you're good!!! Welcome to the Assylum! The best place to feed your addiction! :LOL: :grin:
  20. That really is a good 1st post....

    BTW, there is no cure.