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I am carrying a gun but…

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Mar 19, 2010.

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  3. you know this is like deja vu for me, a family member did the exact same thing some years ago when he was very senior with the AFP. Left his fire arm at home but took a magazine with live ammo in it onto a domestic flight that was in his shaving kit that he'd forgotten about.

    He was never pulled up, and when he discovered it he gave some airport agents a bollocking I believe.
  4. Not a good scenario, but in that case he left his sidearm at home, so it could slip your mind.
    In this case the knob signed his firearm in and forgot he was carrying ammo
  5. I'm struggling to conceive the scenario in which ANYONE is carrying a full magazine in his luggage...

    It also doesn't say much for secutiry when their scanners pick up a pair of nail clippers but not a metal magazine....
  6. i ALWAYS keep forgetting to take my clips out of my toiletries when travelling.
    It's an honest mistake.
  7. Overland is in the same league as Nixon, corrupt.
  8. +1 to that.
  9. NO-one is in the same leauge as nixon. that shortsighted man basher can go fark herself for what she did to vicpol
  10. ooh... +eleventy billion to that one too.
  11. bit of a worry that a gun owner can't keep track of his friggin ammo... even more of a worry that in this day and age airport security doesn't pick it up
  12. Slick and Smee, them's fighting words.

    So, what evidence, hearsay or otherwise, do you have to back up your assertion that he is 'corrupt'?

    Slick, man basher eh? Any info on that?

    I got it...you want a return to the good old days, the days when coppers would fit you up for stuff that you didn't do, bash you when you didn't do the right thing, accept bribes from crime gangs, permit armed crime to occur, look the other way when it suited and then dealt in the drugs that you seized on your operations. Not counting of course the allegations regarding far more serious crimes levelled against ex members. And all of these happenings occurred or were begun before before Nixon was appointed. Yup, the good old days.
  13. They should be held to a HIGHER standard, not a lower one. As far as I'm concerned, when a cop does something illegal they should be getting the maximum punishment, never the lowest.
  14. His job is high profile and a public service (in theory). Much of his work requires that we (the public) trust him (a great deal, even). Therefore one should be able to trust him not to highjack an aeroplane or go on a killing spree.

    For his job, he is also expected to carry a firearm. I expect he travels frequently, too. So this is only once out of... a lot of times, and accidental (I assume).

    Since he is not in a habit of carrying ammunition on planes, and we can reasonably assume he is both telling the truth and had no malevolent intentions, I consider it acceptable that he be treated somewhat differently.

    The real concern is that the airport security didn't detect it.
  15. Nope, the two real concerns are:
    (i) the airport security didn't detect it; and
    (ii) a supposed "professional" forgets he has a mag of ammo in his luggage.
    FFS that would be a court martial offence (at ANY rank) in the ADF.
  16. Mmmm. I remember the big deal they made when leaving the range. "I have no firearms or ammunition in my possession" etc etc. They even checked our boots to make sure there was no spent brass in the tread.
  17. Коннор the requirement to not carry Ammunition is also about safety for fear it could discharge (Not likely but that isn’t the point.)
    This is a question of being competent (or lack thereof) it is not about having it hand luggage, but about having it on the plane in any manner shape or form.
  18. Exactly, and the other question is what would the punishment be for a normal citizen if detected under the same circumstances?

    It's not too much of a leap to say that this is obviously not the first time this individual has had a loaded mag in his luggage, and normal yobs like me are entitled to ask "Why?".