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I am amazed by the skills of some people here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yannbarvss, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Hi, Guys...!!!

    I am new on your site and I am amazed by the skills of some people here...
    not too sure if this is the right place to be posting this msg

    Let me introduce myself first :

    I am Yann, a webmaster and dive instructor, 27 years old.

    i have many questions about music, web , PC and education...

    Where i can post my messages...

    So, thanks a lot!
  2. This is a motorcycle forum. :?

    Perhaps try the off topic section, or a music forum, maybe a PC forum or an education forum. :wink:
  3. Well this sure is an EVENT!! :?

    Yeah,. sure your from the usa :roll:

  4. You also are talented to be able to write in a language you do not understand :grin:
  5. Wot did he say?
    Did he say he likes bikes?
    I can't see where he says he likes bikes
    Is this another squid thread?
    Man, it can be confusing somedays.

  6. He or she hasent edited their post bro :LOL:

    It can write english but cant read it because he/she has lots of questions to ask about music,
    web, PC and education etc etc yet hasent realised he/she has registered on the wrong
    forum & then posted where ever they fancied. :rofl:
  7. Thread has been moved to the correct forum :)
  8. Hello mr spam, that's all this thead is... :shock: