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I am a daddy, for the second time.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Scottatron, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    I would like to announce the birth of my son Angus Shane, born @ 1830 27/12/06 weighing in at a whopping 9 pound 12 ounces. He is 55cm long and is the picture of health and happiness. All involved are coping very well.


  2. Congrats, dude!

    He looks healthy!
    Can't envy your future nights of interrupted sleep, but it's a great event all the same :grin:
  3. Thanks, tis a shame, our daughter who is 21 months has been sleeping through for ages now - and now we have to get used to getting woken up etc.

    Tis all worth it :D
  4. congrats :grin:
    but boy is he going to be pissed when he finds out his birthday is so close to xmas and the implications of that :p
  5. a 21mths and a brand newy! exceptional timing, they will fight with each other continuously, but at the end of the day will fight FOR each other to the end.

    congrats to you and Mrs Scottatron!!

    i bet us night owls will be seein' you more active on the forum in the wee hours ;)
  6. I know, but we are used to that, my wife has her Birthday on December 19th, and she still gets two pressies.....if she is lucky ;)
  7. Congrats to the Scottatron household & welcome to the world Agnus
  8. Thanks, we wanted them about two years apart (Both from families with siblings two years apart).

    And, no offence, but I hope you don't see more of me late at night ;)
  9. Congrats Scottatron :woot:
  10. Congratulations to you all and the very best wishes.

    Geez, I loved my kids at that age.....had total control, knew where they were, easily pleased, didn't answer back etc etc :wink:
  11. im 1 of 4 that are all 2 years apart, mine are 2 years apart, so im severely biased :oops: :grin:
  12. Congrats to you and the family Scottatron. :)
  13. congrats. i'd say he looks just like you but he's not exactlty black text now is he :grin: so until i nkow otherwise... well done son.
  14. Congratulations to both of you (even though she's done most of the work so far :p )

    Wishing you all health and happiness :grin:
  15. Congrats, mate, here's to a fabulous son to whom you can pass on all the stuff you've learned in life.....
  16. Congrats Scott..
  17. Thanks all! And Hornet, I dont plan on passing on everything, some things he could do without methinks :)
  18. :dance: :woot:

    Congrats to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. congrats on the birth of your son!
  20. Congratulations! All the best to you and your family. Well done mate.