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I am a bad bad man

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by stewy, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Yep since my bike had the pleasure of being knocked over about 4 weeks ago and bent the handlebars, i thought last weekend, i would start cleaning her (she is a bit dirty)....just the way i like all my females With a estimated wait of 3-4 weeks, i was slowly pulling her apart cleaning her and putting her back together. Well i got the rear tyre, swing arm and header pipe (was even planning on polishing the header) all done since last Sunday, leaving the front half of the bike, and ducktail to be done on my 3 days off. :wink:

    Well guess what came in the mail today......MY NEW HANDLEBARS

    So tonight instead of slowly pulling the rest of the front apart slowly and cleaning polishing each part as i have been doing, i will now spend tonight ripping out the front forks, changing the fork oil and fitting my new bars, oh and putting all the rest of the parts that are already off her back on, in time to go riding tomorrow. :biker:

    Oh I really wanted to see her all finished, cos the rear is looking pretty flash :cool: (even if i do say so myself) but those twisty roads are calling me. So if you see a half washed sv1000 on the weekend give us a wave cos that will be me \:D/

    Cheers stewy :grin:
  2. :LOL: :LOL: Stewy ! You impatient prick !!
    Have fun :wink:
  3. Half your luck is all I can say; it hasn't stopped raining in the Sydney area for two weeks. The Hornet's got mould on it! :LOL:

  4. Well you are an old fart.
  5. I always knew you were a quitter. :p

    Have fun out on the roads this long weekend.
  6. Hey stewy, if your bike keeps turning left, it's because you don't have to put your left arm three inches forward of your right one anymore.

    Just thought I should warn ya. Off you go now. :p
  7. and the point of a clean bike is ....????????? :LOL:

    enjoy :twisted:
  8. Less air resistance!

    I should clean my bike more often but it gets dirty so quickly!