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I almost fell off my bike

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by vic, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. On Sunday just gone, port80 decided he would organise a ride for a few people.

    The plan was to go early in the morning and get back early as I had to work.

    He says "pick you up at 8am" :shock:

    So 8am comes and I hear James pulling up at my place. I turn around to back the bike out of the garage when I hear the dull "thud" of a bike hitting the deck :shock:
    He's come up my driveway and simply got it wrong and the bike has gone from underneath him.

    It mainly landed on grass so the scratches were minimal. I race over and help him pick up his bike, access the minimal damage and get our stuff together and ride off to the servo.

    Fill up and ride to Tullamarine to collect the others that were joining us.
    A couple of blokes from James' work and Blue14.

    James pulls out a couple of laminated photocopies of the route that he's done on google maps. It was just a purple line through the towns. Pretty useless when all you have is a general idea of the route and not detailed turns on unfamiliar roads.

    The reason for the title is because a pack of harley rode past us going in the other direction when a dood on a nightrod nodded yes, nodded, I was dumbfounded, I couldn't believe it :LOL:

    So after getting lost a couple of times, we finally make it to Daylesford where we stop for lunch.

    :shock: HOW GOOD are the yummy mummies in Daylesford?!?!?!??!?!

    The bakery fed us and after talking some shit we decide to call it a day and we returned home.

    I get home, my chicks are outside playing on the trampoline, go into the rumpus room to greet them, take my wallet and coins out of my pocket and place them on the mousepad press.

    Greet the girls, get out of the leathers, check my emails, yadda yadda.

    Right, time to go and get the girls bikes fixed, (training wheels and stuff) go to grab wallet...............uh oh

    Where is my wallet. Check my jacket, nope not there, check my pants, nope not there either.

    <mental mode on>

    Ring the bakery, "did I leave my wallet behind?" nope not here.

    Shit, about to cancel credit cards, moved money from one account to the next just to be sure.

    Tear the house apart, phone blue14, "you didnt see me leave my wallet behind?" no was the answer.

    More yelling and tantrum throwing, tell the wife I've lost it, she said retrace your steps, do that time and time again.

    "I walked in, got out of the leathers and went into the office"

    So she starts to search, i'm boiling at the moment with rage. NYE, no wallet, no cards, arghhh!!!!

    Then I say to the wife, "I got home, I took the coins out of my pocket...."

    She looks at me with that you fcuken idiot look, I haven't seen any coins, find your coins, I bet you find your wallet....

    I blame.....umm, errrr, just sheer stupidity I suppose, no point lying :)

    I walk into the rumpus room, look on the mousepad press, "oh look your wallet and coins" she says :oops:

    Then I was so damn worked up that I couldn't get to sleep. Another 12 hour night shift coming up and I've been awake since 7.30am :(

    At least the weather was awesome for that day. Good ride, good company, good food and GREAT PERVE :LOL:

    Till the next ride..........and lost wallet episode :p
  2. i was going to post a big "HA HA!" about you going nuts over your wallet, but realised i had no f'kn idea where mine was (last night is a bit hazy) and just spent 15 minutes having my very own "where's my f'kn wallet??!?" tantrum :LOL:
    it was in the fridge :?
  3. Just as well you have nice soft grass for Port80s bike to land on. (or is it all dead now?)

    I often arrive home with brain in atuomatic mode, not observing what I am doing, after a long stretch concentrating on riding. So I know where you were when removing the wallet . . . off in the weeds, daydreaming. :grin:

    Have a great New Year mate.

    EDIT: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: In the fridge :!: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Just to clarify one thing.. I didn't print or laminate the maps. Everything else is true :( :oops:

    I've figure out exactly what happened when I laid the bike over. Still shitty about it despite the lack of damage to the bike. I put it down to you having the bloody Saab in the the way of where I was going to park, that and taking the wrong entry uphill into making a 90 deg turn onto a 1m footpath didn't help. Oh well, first drop in over two years of riding, best to make it at 5km/hr.

    Anyway, great weather, great day. Despite some of those tight twisties would have been best navigated in a 4x4, as Vic will attest to with both ends moving through more lines than a Columbian drug lord.
  5. All too emotional for me.

    :LOL: @ Joel.
  6. Oy Port, was this my Daylesford via mt macedon and wildwood road route??

    If yes, which bit was 4wd territory... I love that ride. I took a bunch out on it recently and they had a hoot too.

    Commiseration on the drop.

    Vic, I totally empathise on the wallet thing... I lost two of the buggers in two months - both times on bike... didn't I feel like a right dill cancelling cards a second time...

    Joel, what the hell was your wallet doing in the fridge... obviously you had money burning a whole in your pocket and had to cool it down! :LOL:
  7. Rob you've never heard of cold cash :rofl:
  8. Ask their girlfriends!
  9. Touche'!! :LOL:
  10. I once found my wallet in the fridge too. I thought I was alone in that lunacy. I also once lost my phone and eventually found it in the laundry basket. Not in a pocket or anything, just tossed casually in on top of the dirty clothes.

  11. It sort of was and sort of wasn't. We did reach Daylesford via Mt Macendon, but I'll be fooked if I know which roads we took, we possibly went via Adelaide :oops: I'll send you the google map.
  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Gold!!!! I got a chuckle out of that :)

    We did every back street in Macedon trying to get over the mountain ;)

    Then once out the other side, James asks where the mountain was :LOL:
  13. Vic I think for an 86 yr old dude you did well to remember your way home let along the wallet.

    If I can't find something I always ask my wife, she says "did you have a daddy look or a mummy look" :LOL:
  14. Indeed!!! Funnily enough, I get asked the same thing :(
  15. A place where you can go have lunch and perve on yummy mummies after a good days ride? I want to go to this place, hang on, its nowhere near Canberra...bugger! :)
  16. :rofl: How the fark did you get lost?!?! LMAO!

    Well, I'm hoping to run this run again towards the end of Jan... jump on if you can. :)