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I almost collected a bike whilst driving the car :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Miss_dj, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Yesterday i was on my way to the city travelling along Nepean Highway.
    I indicated to turn into the left lane, checked the mirrors, did my headcheck and proceeded to change lanes.

    All of a sudden i hear the rev of an engine and then saw the bike on my left side mirror :shock: :? . I only had just crossed the white lines and then went back into my original lane...

    I then slowed down, saw him look at me and i was signaling how sorry i was. He then shook his head and continued along making it clear that he was angry. I ended up passing him and as i pulled up to the set of lights, he came slowly past my window, staring at me and shaking his head again...

    Now i know as a rider i would have been p!ssed off, but a couple of times when someone has cut me off etc and ive seen that the person aknowledged their mistake and apologised, ive then continued on...
    But I DONT sit in peoples blind spot!!!

    He then took off pulling a mono...

    I dont know about anyone else, but after the continuation of his attitude, i went from feeling really bad and apologetic to thinking what a total
    d!ckhead and not feeling bad at all.

    Now i know why cars dont see us and always put us down because of such idiots that go around intimidating/road raging etc

    That just my opinion... What are your thoughts?


  2. Agree.

    We are (on lots of occasions) our own worst enemy.

    If someone does something wrong and acknowledges it, I'm happy to let it pass. Even if they don't, I won't get all shitty about it. People make mistakes, we all do. Some more than others :shock:
  4. Either your mirrors aren't adjusted properly or the rider was in a really bad position or they come up in a hurry.

    If it's the first one then you need to look at that, otherwise that rider may have to look at their riding style.
  5. I'm a little confused...

    You checked mirrors, and did a headcheck ... but the rider was still in a blind spot? You car has an extremely large blindspot despite those 2 actions, or did you not just do those checks properly?

    If the rider was along side you mirror, then it doesn't sound like s/he was in the blind spot?

    Perhaps the rider didn't see you gesture of SMIDSY and so was just re-inforcing his distaste for your actions, in light of all you did was seemingly ignore him?
  6. i can fit a van in my blindspot on the bike i think i have a problem with my mirrors. :shock:
  7. Miss DJ, some people take longer to let things go.... as this rider did.
  8. Mmm, I really hope everyone who has an opinion to offer on this is just soooo squeaky clean. Really? Are you sure? Have you never (and I mean never) missed something, made a mistake, been surprised when something appeared that you didn't expect? Cool, so there'll be no more 'Rider Down' threads then. Ahh, I remember, we don't make mistakes, its always someones elses fault isn't it?

    Jason, Jamie quite clearly indicated in her OP that she motioned to the rider how sorry she was. He chose to ignore that gesture and continued to make signals how bad she was. And then mono'ed off into the distance. I am sick of these holier than thou posts. We all fcuk up, we all make mistakes. If we continue to believe that it's always someones else's fault we are destined for a very painful fall.

    And re-reading Jamie's post, if he didn't see her saying sorry, then maybe he's the one with the vision problem?

    Sorry for the tone, this has fired me up a little. :oops:
  9. It's ok babe- as long as you learn from it. No-one was hurt.
    I have had a bike fly up on me while I was on my bike- I head-checked , checked my mirrors, head-checked again and there he was- going so fast I never saw him pull alongside me.
    Riding is learning everyday. Don't let emotion interfere with your riding. I had a fit of out-of-character road rage one day, because a cage driver pulled into my lane on me. I spent the next several kilometres tearing away from him like a bat out of hell. My great friend and mentor gave me an absolute ear full- telling me that doing such an idiotic thing could get me killed.
    The message is- take the emotion out of the situation and do what is safe for you. You don't know the other road user- if they want to carry on like a fool- their problem- you learn from the incident and move forward. :wink:
  10. A good mate of mine gave me some wise advice once when one of my mates nearly got taken out by a car and he carried his anger on a good few km's after the incident occured flipping him off etc

    'What happened back there, stays back there'
  11. I'm a new rider but I notice that on a bike I'm always taking evasive manouvers. I just give a little beep of the horn to let them now I WAS there and just to wake them up. There is no point making a big deal out of it, even if it was a dangerous situation.

    Motorcycles are smaller, faster and ridden by smarter people thats the msg I want out there.
  12. Ah he will get over it i am sure.. Like he has never made a mistake driving.. At least you didnt hit him.. Sounds to me he is his own enemy riding like that anyway..
  13. How long did you indicate for?

    The best way would be to indicate, mirrors, mirrors, headcheck, change lanes, cut indicator.

    If you did this i find it hard to believe a rider would put himself next to the side of your vehicle. They'd get the hell out of there as i would do.

    Or if you were the type who indicates as soon as your changing lanes or worse still afterwards i'd be just as pissed off cause you gave no notice as to what you were doing! :evil:
  14. I've disregarded a suggestion given to me by a rider to always speed a tad on the freeway so you're not always with the packs of cars,

    reason being; I 'might've been' going 10k over the limit on the freeway not long ago, and watching drivers as I pass them, this is what I saw

    Me about 4 cars back and closing
    Driver indicate and headcheck, I'm out of view because I'm still coming
    Me arriving in his blind spot just as he's finised his head check

    Driver started to pull out, I swerved slightly (saw it coming this time), he gave an apologetic wave, I gave a 'nah, my fault' wave back.

    I tend to stick to the speed limit now, and speed off or change lanes if I see trouble
  15. The OP did a check of the mirrors and a head check, plus indicate, that’s 2 full steps more than what I bother with when im changing lanes in my cage, FFS if you’re a rider and cant see all that coming well don’t get upset and shake your head because your clearly an incompetent rider that got caught out misreading the traffic, if you cant see the driver through their mirrors they sure as hell cant see you.
    I would have rolled down my window at the lights and screamed at the rider to trade in his bike on a brick shaped Volvo, farken head shakers give me the shits.
  16. DuHAST wrote:
    I would have rolled down my window at the lights and screamed at the rider to trade in his bike on a brick shaped Volvo, farken head shakers give me the shits.[/quote]

    Duhast,your words are so true and always so very funny. Jamie,please dont feel bad everyone makes mistakes,your only human.People that say they have never made a mistake are full of sh!t....
  17. ... I have never made a mistake ... :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Hey! I'm a head shaker. :LOL:
    I only do it once though, just to get them know they did the wrong thing. After that I just ride on and make sure I don't get hit by something else. Many times I had to brake or accelerate to avoid a merging vehicle. Having said that, I myself had almost merged into others on several occasions. (using the car)
    No matter how careful you are, or how much indication you give, traffic moves fast. What was clear a second ago, may not be clear now. Especially on a multi lane road when merging into the center lane(s).

    Lane spliting bikes only make this worse. Hoddle street is a bad one for this. I have seen many lane splitting bikes nearly get collected down there. I have nearly gotten a few myself. Although they never say a word. They know they're running a big risk splitting in that traffic at that speed.
  19. in sydney you mainly have to watch for the cabbies, and p platers. oh, and those dickheads in the tunnels who are so pissed about their poor choices in transport that they abruptly change lanes in stand still traffic as you are cutting up the middle. i stopped my bike in front of one such guy (after he actively tried to hit me...), and proceeded to beat him bloody through his broken window while screaming at him not to fcuk with motorcyclists.
  20. Very wise. sounds like you will do well. :grin: