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I almost became a hood ornament!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jimmyhotdog, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    My Sunday started off with weekly bike maintenance and cleaning before going on a little ride down the esplanade.

    I got to the BP at St Kilda to top up and continued on my way to port Melbourne pier.
    Just cruising along in the left lane when an idiot driver in a Mazda 3 doing a right hand turn from Blessington St failed to see me and failed to give way and failed to do a head check before indicating and drifting into the left from the right hand turn hit me. I hit the braked, clutch and locked up the read before he hit me. The bike stalled and I could not get it out of gear.
    Thank god I didn’t come off!
    I rolled the bike to the parallel parking space next to the left lane and got of the bike.
    I was pissed off!
    That arrogant P plater prick didn’t even ask if I’m ok!
    I had a closer look at the bike and there was no damage apart from a scratch on the right hand foot peg and handle bar.

    He checked his car and there was a dint and scratch on his left hand side and he wanted my insurance details!
    He wanted to claim on my insurance!
    I told the arrogant Prick that he is not getting a cent from me because it was his fault!
    I gave him my mobile Number and my name!

    I called 000 who advised me that they don’t deal with those issues! So I asked where the closest Police station was and the reply from the operator was St Kilda Police on Chapel St.
    I told the police officer what happened and that no witnesses came around to the accident site.
    I asked him that I wanted to make a statement and he advised against that! Because there were no witnesses and that they would need to investigate the issue! (Sounds like they couldn’t be stuffed)
    I said fine “I would like to make complete Statutory declaration” He passed me a form and I completed it with a detailed diagram! Including a receipt from the petrol station that I marked as “D1” noting the time.
    I continued on my way to Port Melbourne Pier and just before I got there he had called!
    I haven’t called back because I haven’t got anything to say to him and I would like his insurance company to talk to me so that I could give them the facts.

    What do suggest I do form here?

    The prick almost killed me and he wants to collect insurance!