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I aint in love with Veronica anymore.....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thedragonreborn, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Yup, you heard it here first. I no longer have the same feelings for Veronica anymore.....

    Veronica is my Kawa Balius (ZR250). She is my first bike. However I recently crashed her and now shes currently getting some work done to her. After spending some time apart (currently 3 weeks), I have come to realise that I haven't learnt alot about riding. So I have been thinking "What can I do to improve my riding skills?" The answer.... A new bike! My logic....

    Veronica is an inline 4, a jap screamer. Its so much fun to ride, however I get sick of keeping the revs up above 10k rpms for city riding. I find myself riding in second gear most of the time. Its a light naked bike with a Zx2r engine and I have been told its probably the fasted naked 2fiddy around. Having said that I want to try something else.

    I have been thinking about getting another noobus bike. I either want to swap or sell Veronica for another bike.

    What LAM bikes would you recommend? I can only think of a couple:

    VTR250, ZZR250

    What about a trail/road bike?

    I want something with a full rev range of useable power. It doesnt have to be super quick, just a challange to ride, something to fine tune my skills for when I upgrade in 6 months (I have been riding for 10 months). Any suggestions or there is no such thing for a LAM bike!

    BTW: My current favourate upgrade is the ER-6n

  2. Try and find a DRZ400 and take it for a test ride. DR650 and KLR may also suit, but a bit taller. What is your budget?

    Good bike but couldn't see it on the LAMS list...from memory they put out about 65hp in about a 170kg body - probably too powerful for a LAMS bike
  3. I am hoping to do this change of bike thing with out lossing too much cash. I hope to sell the Balius for about 4k. I don't want anything to spanky new, remember I still learning! I have riden a XR200, what are the XR250 like? They sound like a biatch to get going in the winter!

    Should I wait till unrestricted?
  4. If you want a dual sport you can get quite a wide choice on LAMS - bar the big Adventure bikes over 650cc. Don't know why the 650 Strom isn't included, but $4K wont get you onto a Strom. 650 Strom only released 2004, but is a great bike, v-twin with a nice meaty torque curve (flatter than SV and SVS) and you made mention you wanted to "ride", well IMHO v-twins do it really well. And the Strom will do good dirt roads at crazy speeds once you get your skill level up.

    Don't get a kick start bike trail bike - these are enduro bikes that don't have a battery. You want a dual sport, and $4K should get get you into an early 2000 model DRz, DR, KLR or a bit more for a Honda XR650L (the "L" has electric start - but these are the most dirt orientated of the 650 singles) - or plenty of older model single dual sports - pretty much bullet proof engines, and upright seating gives you a good view of the road with a decent power to weight ratio will see you not too far behind the sports bikes. If you are doing mainly higher speed riding/commuting, you can alwasy go up one tooth on the front sprocket to reduce RPM and change back (or even down another) for trail riding.