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I accidentally sold my CB250... and bought another Bomb!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lordtb, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Whoopsy I accidentally sold my CB250...

    You might ask How does some one accidentally sell a bike?

    Easy... some one asked me if I know any one selling a cheep 250... my stupid answer was yeah I have a CB250 with 172,000 km thay you can have at a reasonably over priced price as is no reg no RWC. Few minutes later I was holding a wad of cash...

    Ok the bike is my ONLY transport! and I just sold it!!

    So I did what any one else would do and started calling EVERY one I know who could possibly have another bike for sale at an ever cheaper price...

    Well I found a Kawasaki GT550 in good condition just needs a battery and mirrors... and at that price I have bought it sight unseen.

    Even at that price I have to say this is second GT550 that I feel I have bitten more than I would like to chew..

    At a quick look I need:
    Front forks rebuilt
    Rear shocks are shot!
    Shaft diff is leaking
    Handle bars
    Seat recovered
    Front Brakes caliper seals
    New front master cylinder
    Rear brake switch
    Gear lever
    Brake lever front and rear

    So now I'm bike less!!

    Any ideas as what to do?

    I will post up some pics of the GT550 tomorrow...
  2. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one who has made bad choices with a lot of my bikes! either sell it or fix it, get all the critical stuff like forks and brakes and what not fixed, but leave the cosmetic stuff out for now, tough call man.
  3. No offense really meant... but that all sounds pretty dense mate :p.

    172000km on a 250? That thing was doing good!

    Sounds like you will have your work cut out for you making the new bike any good :(.
  4. Mate... You're a frigging tosser. Good luck with your pos,
    ...you deserve each other by the sound of it.
  5. I had a GT550 for a year. Check the down tube to the engine, just under the steering head, as they frequently crack there.

    Great bike in its time, but 25yrs on, sitting outside idle for years on end, it was one problem after another. When something bad happened to mine inside the engine, I parked it and walked away....
  6. Stick new seals in, fill any pits in the sliders with Araldite and use heavier oil.

    Perfectly normal for twin shock Japs. Couple of options. Don't worry about it, stick in struts (coupla lengths of scrap steel bar) and ride it as a rigid, or cough up ~$150 for a pair of cheapo Hagons from the UK. Come to think of it, pretty much anything of about the right size will do the job, so keep an eye open for written off retro bikes.

    Could be just a seal or a stripped drain plug. If it's not too bad, I'd stick with giving it the odd wipe down and keeping an eye on the level. It'll stop the rear mudguard (a ridiculously complex, double skinned construction) from rotting as they're prone to do.

    Skinny and, therefore, (relatively) cheap. Even brand names shouldn't run you much more than $250-300 the pair. Cheng Shin, Vee Rubber or the like should be less and won't actually kill you if you accept that they're not Pilot Powers.

    Any old 7/8 handlebar should do. See what your local wreckers have.

    Hidden toggle switch from Dick Smiths or SuperCrap, and a big chain or shackle lock.

    Gaffer tape or, if you want to push the boat out, find an old vinyl or (better) leather chair on bulk rubbish day and get creative with the material.

    Probably have to pay Kawasaki prices for these. You'll likely need bleed screws too. And hoses if the brakes are really in a state.

    Nice to have a good one. However, as long as the bore size is right, you can use pretty much anything. Doesn't need to be Kawasaki.

    It used to be possible to get cheapo universal pull switches that could be hooked to the brake pedal with a spring or even a heavy rubber band. Check your local Brit bike specialist.

    Should be possible to utilise anything from contemporary Kwaks as, I'm pretty sure, the splines were a common size across all their fours. Lengths and angles can be adjusted or bodged. If it's only the tip missing, a bolt, a couple of nuts and an offcut of rubber hose will suffice as a replacement.

    Not sure about the rear, but it should be possible to get pattern replacements for the front (or your new m/cyl might come with one). Might have to order out of the UK.

    Cheapest that'll go in the 'ole.

    More cheapo universals.

    There ya go. It's not a restoration by any means, but similar techniques kept me and thousands of other penniless ne'er do wells on the road on doggy old Jap fours back in the day. Yes, even with annual roadworthiness inspections. Although we tended to pick and choose our inspectors :D.
  7. Have you handed over the cash for the new bike yet? if not just walk away and say no sale, your not obligated to buy a POS
  8. for the first time in nearly 6 years on Netrider, words fail me :p :LOL:
  9. I had a good night sleep..

    I will do a quote on it today... and see if I can do this proper
    but on a budget...

    Stage 1 is to get the thing running
    Stage 2 is rwc and reg
    Stage 3 is customizing the crap out of it thinking bober of sorts...

    After all this is my commute it has to be a POS!
  10. :-s Exactly how much alcohol was involved?
  11. "Well I found a Kawasaki GT550 in good condition just needs a battery and mirrors..."

    erm, and the rest...
  12. I still find it hard to believe someone can sell their only form of transportation without thinking it over.... ](*,)

    I'd like to be as faaaaaaaarrrrr away from you on the road as possible.
  13. 23 bikes later & you've got a GT550?

    I'm sorry.

  14. If it was advertised to you in this way, without commenting on the other problems, then you had no obligation to buy it - as it is not as described.
  15. Surely you would want your daily to be clean and reliable, weekenders are for tinkering.

    Exactly what i was thinking LOL
    One of my mates did a similar deal on a WR250 for 19 slabs of bundy over a few quiet ale's...... fair to say he won.
  16. Reliable, yes. Clean; why bother with something that will be ground to powder in the 9 to 5 slog? A cosmetically ratty bike is much less likely to be stolen and won't make you cry when it gains a few scars.
  17. Well today I got few things quoted for the GT :( sadly some OEM parts are not available. So hunting them down is going to be time consuming... I will throw the bike on to ebay and see what I can recover $$ from it..

    Now I have a long weekend to find a nice POS to commute on...

    It is interesting reading through the posts... I love raven's post:

    With this in the signature :
    A few pics here -> http://s184.photobucket.com/albums/x...-57/CBR1000RR/

    Seriously who is a bigger tosser?
  18. And some Photos.. bit difficult taking good photos with the sun going down and an one year old in my arms wanting to play with the phone...

  19. "Bobber"? How about rat bike?