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Hysoung supermoto

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by devotard, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. 120kg dry, 50hp (better figures that the KTM625/640/LC4). Looks like they've ripped off the styling of the husky.

    Looks like 4pot caliper (though only a 260mm disc). Probably good enough for a street motard if it doesnt have too many teething troubles.

    MCN Artilce
  2. Looks fuggen sweet!! Any idea of pricing? (I didnt read the article yet.)
  3. I can't find a price prediction anywhere.

    It would want to be under 9k though. You can pick up a 2nd hand LC4 for that and would almost undoubtedly have a better bike.

    The DRZ has less power, more weight, but proven rock-solid reliability for about 9k new.

    The XR400SM has even less power than the DRZ and is generally just a poo cart. It's going for about 9k new as well.

    If they dont fcuk this up, and it is cheap enough, it'll be the perfect learners bike.
  4. Looks nice. If they stick to typical Hyosung pricing, I'd be surprised it if was more than $6000.

    At 50hp and 120kgs, wouldn't it exceed the LAMS power:weight limits?
  5. Also close to Husky 510 figures :cool:

    No comments regarding servicing though - my guess is anything but "normal"
  6. id never get a 50hp bike if i wasnt on restrictions...having said that damn 120kg dry is light....wouldnt buy it though and i dont mind hyosungs
  7. Define "normal".

    Normal for a 50hp 450 single would be regular oil changes, every 500 to 1000km's. With the oil-in-frame setup they've probably got considerably more than the standard 1L of oil in these types of bikes, so it might be a 5000km interval. I think someone has a hold of a service schedule which put valve adjustments at every 6000km's. Not bad at all I'm thinking.
  8. Dunno why you wouldn't ride a 50hp bike mate, a bit insecure :grin:

    (Maybe that's me riding a 30HP bike off restrictions!)

    Great looking bike. If they're priced right, I could be tempted...
  9. Mate. Maaaate. :LOL:

    Go to your local husky dealership and ask them for a test ride on a 450SMR. 50hp is all you need at speeds under 100km/hr.
  10. not insecure.... just really bored with the 45 "supposed" horses in the across. im sure the hyo would be a bit more fun than that but i wouldnt want to be bored of the power straight away after purchasing a new bike...my opinion may change in the future though...it often does
  11. A quick google puts the Across at 183kg full of fluid. You'd need 76hp for the same power to weight ratio (a 70% increase in power). And then there's the torque curve....

    This'll be worth a ride.
  12. Should be pretty reliable though the engines a Fuji Industries one out of the Quad.
  13. might's don't count :wink:

    If they have gotten it to 5,000kms, I'm guessing they'd be the first manufacturer to get that weight and HP :?
  14. wow! DOHC, dry sump, linkage rear suspension, and brembos... pretty good stuff. those spokes are pretty heavy duty as well.
  15. The weight issue isn't because it can't be done, simply that it hasnt been done. Oil change intervals come down to oil capacity between similar bikes. Even a straight EXC/SMR/etc with increased oil capacity and an oil cooler would be doing 5000km's per change.

    How about an LC4 in an SX frame? 125kg dripping wet, with great service intervals. Certainly achievable.

    But yes, time will certainly tell. :grin:
  16. That's what I was looking for :cool:
  17. It looks like an admirable effort. Maybe I'll try to get one for a hoot.
  18. Looks the goods, if the price is right could be a ripper. :cool:
  19. I'd love to put one on my local track. Find its immediate shortcomings rather quickly. :twisted: It's something I think a dealer might even be interested in doing with a demo.