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Hypothetical - Trade on on Ninja 250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Samboss260, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Just a hypothetical question here.....

    Does anyone know, or have a fair idea what you would get as a trade in on a 12 month old Ninja 250R?

    It's a 2011 model, black, with around 7,000kms.

    Redbook is saying $3,000 to $3,600.... is that on the money?
  2. Has it been dropped, scratched etc?
    Is it clean and tidy?
  3. It's clean and tidy. Never been dropped or scratched.
  4. $1500

    Edit. Thats just to prepare you- sell it on here or ebay etc
  5. I think $1500 is a little low - there is no way you'll see $3K though.

    A new Ninja is only $5.5K onroad, trading it will make you take quite a hit.

    You're saving grace maybe a private sale @ ~$4K. These are popular bikes and often have long wait times from the dealerships - you might find a new learner who is keen and sees the value in a second hand learner bike.......

    Just my 2cents

    Tablet talkin'
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  6. $5.5k brand new ride away? Are you sure about that? I thought they were more like $6.5k ride away brand new.
    You are much better off selling it privately, and from what I have seen around the $5-5.5k mark is what 2011 models are being advertised for.
  7. Brand new is $5,890 ride away for a black one. Green is extra. I have been quoted this myself.
  8. I got 4k trade in on mine in June last year. A 2010 SE with fender eliminator, M4 Exhaust and a seat cowl also with 15,000kms on the speedo.
  9. sell it on here or bikesales, i seriously cannot think of anything more stupid then trading your bike in at the dealer. I honestly have no idea why people do trade ins at all, selling your bike is not that hard and you will get so much more money for it.
  10. Pretty sure.. Give or take.. Thanks though.

    Private sale is the way to go with this one me thinks.

    Tablet talkin'
  11. Yeah walked into Team Moto about a month ago and they offered me a brand New 250r in every colour bar Green with an After market Muffler installed for $5800. $300 if I wanted Green.
  12. Was that ride away and for a 2012 build?
  13. agreed on the private selling, but i think you will find a lot of impatience people that want money yesterday, those people trade.

    Simple formula

    Want more money have time = private selling.
    Want some money have no time = Trade that b*tch in
  14. Don't trade it in sell it privately, you'll always do better off.
  15. I got offered $1800 on trade in for my 2009 dr650. I put it on ebay 10 day auction, one person looked at it and it sold for $4550. Less than an hours work for $2750. I could have got more on bike sales, but maybe a few hundred but that would take a lot longer.

    Auction on common bikes like the ninja would work well. You will probably get at least a grand more for an hours work. Not many times you will earn that much per hour.
  16. I wouldn't trade it in do private mate.. Bout my bike on road for about 5600 and i'm stuffed if i'm getting 1500 bucks for a trade in...

    Alot of Ninjas i have seen on bikesales go for 5300 up to 5800...
  17. No doubt that bike like these sell quick selling privately, but its not always so. I know when i brought my bike the seller had been trying to sell for 3 months gradually bring down the price (her first asking prices were way to high). Some people don't have the kinda time
  18. Got offered $4k at ray quincy for my 09 model last september.
  19. You're looking around the $5k mark, pretty much what I just paid. If I could have bought a new one on-road for $5.5k, I would have, but I couldn't find them under $6k on road, not in Melb anyway.

    If you want to sell quickly, then match the price with the market, and dont hold out for a couple hundred more or whatever.
  20. Yeap. Said they had just got a new container load of 150 bikes. The funny part was on Team Motos website they had 2nd hand Ninja 250Rs with between 10,000k and 30,000ks for $6000.

    There a hot selling bike for the LAMS so when they dont have any new stock you can ask what you like in the 2nd hand market. As soon as the new containers come in they have brand new ones they will gut to make numbers.