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Hypothetical Street Race

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    On friday i decided to take the bike out for a quick run to fill in some time.

    I pulled up at a set of lights in the left lane, about 200m up the road there was a car parked in my lane. My thinking was i'll be quicker off the lights than the lancer next to me. Anyway light goes green i take off at a normal pace, meanwhile the lancer has "chirped" the wheels and sped off to catch up to me i.e. racing me. I've immediately hit the brakes and looked over at him and waved him past and then slotted in behind him. My question is for arguments sake if a cop was sitting behind me could i have been caught for stret racing?
    1. I didn't know the lancer was going to pin it
    2. I let him past

    How do the police decide what is/isnt street racing?

    What do you all think, seems to be a bit of a grey area.

    On another note to any car drivers around the sutherland area. I DO NOT WANT TO RACE YOU. In the past month ive had this lancer and a 350z, not to mention the countless p platers and utes (not sure why utes always want to run) that have "smoked" me off the line.

    Shame i didn't realise i was in a race for slips! :LOL: Anyway at least they're always happy when they tell there mates how they left a bike sitting at the lights!

  2. easy... if the cops says your guilty, guess what!!! :shock:
  3. As with any cop question, it will depend on the officer on the day, and then it will be your word against his/hers.

    Cops can sometimes lie when it suits them. Amazing eh?
  4. I don't think i've gone a single metropolitan ride without having at least a car or two try to beat me off the line.

    I'll be honest... I don't let em.

    Unless I deem it dangerous to do so, i'll give it a bit to get up to the speed limit. The reasoning is twofold.

    1. I don't like cruising mid-traffic.
    2. Him playing hero catch up is more likely to make him not race bikes out of fear of losing.

    If you stop accelerating once you hit the speed limit, the cop can't really accuse you of racing as you were only attempting to reach the speed limit in the shortest time possible.

    and whilst i may be saying all this, tbh much of the time i'm not really taking off that hard, I just take off, check my mirrors then cruise. It's only on the odd occassion that I might give it much more of a squirt.
  5. actually, there is an offence. "Exhibition of acceleration".
  6. This is my exact opposition to this law. I'd say every second day I get some idiot decide it's on when I do a normal (for a bike) take off from the lights.

    So I risk getting my bike confiscated (is this law in place in NSW?) because some knuckle dragger decides to prove his manhood.

    Yet another law that is designed for cars and everyone else can go roger themselves.
  7. Oddly, very few have wanted to give the Tiger a run (I guess they're afraid of being run over by it if they get ahead!). Probably looks too "boring touring bike" to get most people excited.

    I wonder if you could go to court about it:
    "How does the defendant plead?"
    "Not guilty. Had I actually been racing, the officer would have also booked me for breaking the sound barrier."

    I definitely agree that "normal" acceleration for a bike is reasonably quick by "normal" car standards. It's all relative...
  8. Don't think of it as 'letting him win', think of it as 'letting him get in front of you'.

    Hulking, slow, annoying pieces of metal piloted by idiots I prefer not to have in front of me, or next to me... or behind me.

    Anything to put distance between myself and a car is what I'll do.
    If a police officer sees it, and wants to chat about it. Fine.

    If they'd prefer to chat about it in court, that is also fine.
  9. Do they take (or clamp) your vehicle straight away? If so the court case could take months to get started.
  10. Laws like this make me want to vomit.
  11. Its interesting isnt it, worst thing is you could also have some tailing tard behind you as well wanting in on the supposed race which makes slowing down and basically being cut off a lil dicey.

    Im with you though I like being in front than the middle mayhem.

    It's at the officers discretion which we know what that means.
  12. In Vic it is fairly hard for the police to prove racing. They now have the hoon laws to deal with hi speed and other hoon behavior such as burn outs. That being the case they are more likely to get the car, who in this case caused the question. You yourself haven't broken the speed limit or spun your wheel or lifted the front so are of little interest to them.
  13. It would be nice if this was the case but it is definitely not. My brothers friend had his car impounded on the spot for street racing while travelling at 54 km/h in a 60 zone. The police said the rate at which he accelerated proved he was street racing. Of course the P plate on the back of his car had nothing to do with it.
  14. you ride a R6 and u let a lancer beat you :shock: WHAT THE :shock: :grin: :grin:
  15. yes um well, on an R6 you could have got to 60, indicated , changed lanes, waved, adjusted helmet, checked out that blonde and re checked speedo before he even hit 2nd...
    i like to be ready in these situations...most cars will try and cut you off...so drop that clutch and get out of there.
    i don't get many rev heads taking on the 'ol vfr though...must be the V4 rumble :p
  16. it's more funny to let them get ahead bit, you know ,let them think they're geniunely beatin you before bam!
    You clutch it up in 3rd and disappear into the horizon. :grin:
    it's not street racing cause everyone knows that even the most modified car wouldn't stand a chance against a 250. :grin:
  17. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


    Very no.

    Plenty of affordable, factory-stock cars available today that'll out-accelerate a 250, letalone modified ones, letalone properly-quick supercars.
  18. Something tells me there was sarcasm in his post....
  19. I hope so! :grin:
  20. i think a 250 will beat nearly all stock cars without a turbo, i kept up with an old falcon v8 who was racing a ducati 748 in front of me once.