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Hypothetical question

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. I have a few workshop manuals in DVD format that are copyrighted,
    But due to field work, these get damaged easily and are expensive to replace, is there a program available that will
    Let me ‘clone’ these manuals so I can leave the original at home ?

  2. fook-loads...

    but right now i don't have access to the ones i usually use... so that's no good... but its all hypothetical right...? :)
  3. Oh yes totally hypothetical :twisted: It just for my own backup use to save the original :wink:
  4. Hypotheticalaly you can right click..save as..
  5. "Clone DVD" might hypothetically get you out of trouble.
  6. If its only data just use Nero Burning Rom or your favourite authoring program :)
  7. dvd decrypter you can find it on the net) (windows)
    Mac the ripper (mac)
  8. "DVD Shrink" is another freebie (from the net) that "hypothetically" can be used to "back up" DVD's and the like :wink: :wink:
  9. Have you tried just copying it or using the old "save as" function?

    Workshop manuals aren't usually encrypted/copy protected, so it shouldn't require any fancy software.
  10. +1 DVD shrink

    Very good for making personal backups of DVD's, for your own personal private use .... hypothetically speaking. It can easily be configured to store a copy of the DVD image in a folder so that your own personal backup can be re-burned should your original personal backup become corrupt
  11. Give Alcohol 120% a go mate

    works great
  12. I dont think this needs to be a hypothetical, CD/DVD backups are allowed as long as you dont distribute them, its for your own personal/business use, and someone has paid.

    I would suggest tho, make an Image with Alcohol 120%, or any other image making software, then you can load that virtual Image with Daemon tools (free software) so you never even have to use the CD/DVD's... its all on your PC. :)