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Hypothetical Question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. If , hypothetically speaking, If someone was walking along, crossed the road onto the medium strip and happened to come across a '60' speed sign. Picked it up and took it home with the intention of contacting the authorities, only to discover it looks so good hanging on the garage wall ...
    Would it be an offence if said person were to forget about ringing Vic Roads. ?

  2. yes...but just don't invite any coppers round to your garage :)
  3. Morally speaking, that would depend upon whether the sign informed people of an increase or a decrease in the limit applying, in relation to that leading up to it. :?
  4. As soon as you keep it and don't intend to return, it's theft.

    Crimes Act 1958 - SECT 72 Basic definition of theft

    72. Basic definition of theft

    (1) A person steals if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to
    another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it.

    (2) A person who steals is guilty of theft; and "thief" shall be construed
  5. i have about 2 hundred speed signs, nailed to my back fence to fcuk the dogs up. they dont know how fast to run. im not kidding either!
  6. mmmmmmmm interesting wording of the law.

    Does this mean that if you "dishonestly appropriates property belonging to
    another with the intention of returning it in 12 months" it is not theft?????
  7. Well as long as you don't plan on keeping it permanently, you should be right :p

    (keeping it once they've asked for it back might be a problem....)
  8. It's yours man.

    You found it fair & square.
  9. I have a "mate" who may or may not have picked up an 100 sign and now has it in his garage. I swear its not me thou. :grin:

    Another mate of mine tried to unbolt a Suburb sign that was his last name. Got caught and had to pay $700 to replace it. haha
  10. There used to be a "sign graveyard" near me. I collected so many one way, speed limit, no parking etc.. signs that have just been dumped by the authorities.

    But anyway as long as it doesn't cause innocent people to get fined for speeding then I don't mind :p
  11. hypothetically an unnamed friend of mine has such hilarious street signs such as "Memory Lane", "Tennis Court", and "Sesame Street" hanging in his bedroom. Not to mention his full name in street sign form. Of course, he stopped doing that when he realised they cost up to $500 for the council to replace.
  12. 200 bucks for the sign, 100 bucks for someone to install it, the remaining 200 to pay two other blokes to stand around scratching themselves :LOL:.
  13. You're just borrowing it :wink:

    On the Street Signs - Ipswich City Council will make a replica street sign for @ $100 each - sick of replacing Lovers Lane and Ford Street!
  14. love to add to this thread but then i'd be incriminating myself locally and internationally.

    gawd they look good on the wall when professionally framed.