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Hypothetical Kawasaki Bike Choice question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, May 22, 2012.

  1. I'm tossing up between a few bikes, being a GPX250, ZZR250 and possibly a Ninja250r.

    I'm about 170cm odd, and am wanting a good bike for the odd weekend spurt, it's not a commuter or anything.

    So I'm really confused as to which one to go for. So let's assume this scenario and hypothetical question.....

    If there was a GPX250, 2005-7 with around 20,000 to 30,000 kms and a ZZR250 around 2003-4 with a few higher kays and they are both around similar dollars, what is a better choice? Then add to this scenario a Ninja250r, current shape that is only an extra $500.....

    So out of these three choices, what makes one bike better over another?
  2. You won't get a straight answer on that one :) It depends on which one has the better service & riding history. How long is a piece of string???
  3. What I'm trying to get at is the pros and cons of each particular bike. I've been searching and searching and am finding things like;
    -ZZR is a heavier bike, hence may handle better and it can often be zippier tan the GPX or Ninja
    - GPX has a more upright seating position
    - GPX only has 16 inch front wheel, what mean etc etc

    So if they all had a reasonable service history, what are the particular pros and cons? I'm looking at many bikes and am doing my head in!!!!
  4. My first bike was a ZZR and I had so much fun on it for the first three months before totalling it :D
    I've ridden my friends Ninja and that was a lot of fun too. She still has it even though been on fulls for 6 months now, it's a fun bike.
    Personally not a fan of the GPX (uglyish) but that's purely cosmetic.
    That's about it as far as 'expert' opinion from me...
    I loved my ZZR........
  5. owned a gpx for first bike...now own a zzr...gpx is "zippier" but the bigger wheels and in general size of the zzr makes it a winner....i'd opt for the zzr

    in saying that...the new ninja i have no experience with so cannot comment regarding it.
  6. I had the use of a Ninja for a few months.
    All I can say is what a blast!
    I ride a Z1000 & this little bike was just so much fun.
    Through the twisties, other larger bikes, Sprints, R6's etc were just in my way!!!
    Can't comment on the other bikes on your list.
  7. Thanks guys, I know this may sound like a stupid hypothetical, but these are th sort of real life responses I'm looking for.
  8. ....What? ](*,)
  9. Zzr is 2kg heavier iirc, the wheel size will have more effect on handling.

    For $500 more i would get the ninja all else being equal as it will probably resell easier.