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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, May 31, 2015.

  1. Why do so many riders turn on their own when they are helpless?

    It's shameful

    I am sad

  2. What's happened?
  3. don't buy into it
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  4. Oh please...
  5. The SS Vertical C
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  6. Its fairly simple. If you observe a conflict between a rider and a driver there is usually very little that can be learnt about driving but a lot about motorcycling. This is a motorcycle forum after all. Unavoidable accidents are a rarity so focussing on what a rider could have done better has a much more positive effect on us then all tut tutting a driver.
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  7. I'm glad i've poured a red and settled in. Let the games begin...............
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  8. Form a circle everyone, get him!
  9. I just think replace the bike with a truck and have the truck driver kill the car driver. You will never get car drivers blame the car driver over the speeding trucker.

    We are our own worse enemies.

    It's just depressing.
  10. In your analogy, truck drivers would be blaming the speeding trucker. Truck drivers hammer truck drivers too (and car drivers), and if the truck driver was unlicensed to drive a truck, they would be especially blaming the unlicensed truck driver for giving all truck drivers a bad name.
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  11. Hey Vertical CVertical C time for a little breather me thinks. :)
    I don't think we are all ganging up on a fellow rider. Just reviewing what happened and for me, I feel for the family's loss but I also try to see what I can learn from other more experienced riders' comments to try and avoid a similar outcome...
  12. You can just as easily learn from a non fatality crash and keep the families feelings safe.

    It's not like they are rare.

    You choose to gang up on someone who can't defend themselves. That's cowardly

  13. That just proves that truck drivers also eat their own

    It doesn't make me happier that other people do it.
  14. Not tomato or ketchup, definantly bbq.
    Now that's definantly Soy.
  15. I don't quite get the ganging up part...did you complain about the police reporting and the news coverage as well?

    Why has this one hit such a particularly raw nerve for you??
    You are over empathising and that is not a good thing...
  16. I updated my post.
  17. Are they our own?
  18. Read my op. I am depressed that motorcyclists are doing it. The media is not representing themselves as motorcyclists

    Plus the media isn't speculating as far as I see
  19. Are you okay?? Do you have someone with you?? Seriously.