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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. O.K, if you don't like Netrider fine, I don't care. But, why bag the site on other forums, then come back on here and ask the serious questions that you can't get answers for anywhere else, or hang around here, or try and organise rides here? If your new forum is so pathetically underpopulated you don't have enough people for a ride, then suck shit. Do not bag this forum on your shiny new forum, then come on here and organise a ride for fcuk's sake. Seems more than a few here have this view, but will not, or can not say it. I can and will.
    That's all I have to say about that.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Sounds fair enough to me!

    Oh... and isn't it a 4 cylinder BMW?

    only twin cylinder Beemers poke out sideways... :)
  3. :applause: :applause: :applause: :biker: :deal:
  4. Yep, Triway's not down with that sh#t either :evil:

    C'mon, out them...............name names! :blackeye:
  5. BEN12 is the hobo?
  6. ^ yessir
  7. Pfft, what a hobo.

    Lets stone him!
  8. +1. Good to see. That particular site isn't the only site that does this either. Although most of those that whinge on the other site have been banned from here. That is why they are whinging elsewhere.
  9. It's funny to see a, "Us & Them", mentality, before there actually is an established, “Us & Them”!
    Surely when starting a new venture, you wouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you.
    Looking at the current member list, this is exactly what he is doing.
  10. Can all u guys give it a rest ffs?
    if people want to bag forums on their sites let them but don't stoop to their level if thats what u think they are doing.
    this will end up in holding very soon.
  11. If this is refering to me at all, not that i bagged netrider, then you can PM me with any issues instead of beating around the bush.
    I thought it could be to do with me because i signed up there before any shit was thrown(or i was aware of it) and then asked a tech(stupid) question on here just hours before you made this thread.

    If i met a rider that was after a forum to visit id reccomend netrider but that doesnt mean this is the only site i can or will use.

    I do agree that bagging netrider but using it is wrong and i guess you could pm vic or a mod to make them aware of it and let them make a decision. Starting or having a argument online is only going to be bad for both sites and you cant win anything online.

    just my 2c
  12. I have no problem with this being discussed in the open.

    Many people shit can this site and do nothing but post threads that gets them banned. They then beat their chests and say how they dont give a shit, this place sucks, yadda yadda yaddda, then, they go out of their way to create another login to circumvent their ban and post as if nothing has happened.

    I bet these people were always bashed in the school playground. :jerk:
  13. and they think that when they create a new login, with a new email address that nobody knows..... :rofl:

    a bummer for them that ip info is available.....
    i am much harder than you vic, or maybe i have too much time on my hands because i enjoy re-banning people of the same ip.
  14. I think Netrider is GREAT, it was the first site i found when i became a rider, and since, it has linked me to many other local riders around Newy. I think there is a wealth of knowledge on this site and apart from the (frequently reported) 'server trouble', i have nothing but good things to say about this site, and have promoted it to all my riding friends and even at my Ps test, i passed on the address for all to come along and inspect.


    YES, I was one of the first to join 'that other site', go on, have a look, member #5 i think. does this make me some sort of shunned site slut, cause i am a member of several similar sites, some i found links to on here, some i came across myself.

    I think it is obvious that MOST other sites pose no threat to Netrider nor will they 'steal' all the users you see on their member lists, cause Netrider will always have more info, members, rides and events.

    I think this thread in itself is quite hypocritical...... bagging people for bagging peolpe .... hahaha..... Its like some crap on TV, NO-ONE will MAKE you watch it, just turn the bloody thing OFF, or just dont look!!!

    After all, " Netrider, Connecting Riders " it doesn't say " Netrider, Connecting riders not using other sites "

    I do agree that to use a facility and to rub crap on the walls isn't the best of practice, but we are all big people that should be able to block it out and move on ........

    Out of interest, how did you find out about the mentioned 'bagging', you havn't been on other sites have you ???!!! Quick, ... Mods, get rid of him, he's got diseases!!!!

    [!----------!] <-- there is the bridge ..... get over it ......

    to Vic and the other Netrider Moderators and Administrators, you are doing a great job, and many people including me appreciate this site greatly, but i dont want it to become some special closed minded site, the site was started for a reason and it is working impressively!!

    end transmission

    TIM (forum whore)
  15. Although im a freshman I can relate to your feelings on the issue.

    Many people do such things. I believe ignoring and forgetting its even happening. Think if they are the type of person to do such a immature lass type of thing they are also the type of person to scratch your bike with envy, talk behind your back to manipulate themselves into some sort of imaginary power and I put a large sum that they would do pretty much anything you would wish somebody not to do towards/against you.

    I think you should just shake it off, along with any other thing which is placed to aggitate your emotions/ feelings in life.
    Drive around the pothole and report it if you may, dont drive through it just because its there.

    Anyhow my 2 cents worth on the topic.

    And i welcome myself to the forum :p
  16. A few people are taking the wrong direction here.

    There is not a problem with any of us using another forum. I am a member of a couple of other motorcycle forums, no big deal. The problem, or hypocritical act, is going on that other forum and sledging Netrider, and then coming back here and acting/posting as if you love the place.

    If Netrider sucks in your opinion, that's fine, you can go on your other forum and say so, no problem. BUT, don't come back on Netrider like nothing was said and everyone is friends. If you don't like it here, just p#ss off and never return!
  17. ^+1
    because we can see whats being said you know!

    and it's not a netrider v anyotherforum thing

    a silly member got busted is all :LOL:
  18. WTF are you guys actually bitching about?

    If you're going to have a scrag fight, why not at least post details such as "what fcuking site" so others aren't left wondering. If you feel the need to have an exclusive conversation about whatever it is that has your knickers in a knot then why not do it face to face with whoever you have a problem with? :?