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Featured Hypocrisy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. #1 Bravus, Sep 30, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
    So, I've been that dude on this forum for *years*, always saying 'Don't buy new! Depreciation!'

    Then, yesterday, I bought a brand new bike. (OK, technically a demonstrator. But with 4 km on the clock.)

    How am I not a massive hypocrite? Because I got a deal that kind of took depreciation off the table.

    The absolute best price I could get in South-east Queensland for a used post-2014 Ninja 1000 was $12,500 ride away, even after haggling. That was for a 2015 model with 5000 km on it.

    Although RRP for the Ninja is $15,999 plus on-roads, meaning you'd be lucky to leave the shop under $17,000, I got my 2016 model for $13,300, ride away.

    For 800 bucks, it's worth it to have a bike a year and 5000 km fresher... even if I do have to run it in.

    I had offers in that ballpark from 3 dealers, by the way, so if you're in the market for one...

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  2. Hypocrite!

    Jokes jokes, cant say no to a bloody good deal! Good score mate,congrats!
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  3. Nice deal.
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  4. Amazing value, and i thought Mt09s and gsxs1000 were the best bang for your buck......we have a new winner.
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  5. dropped after 4km? :D

    someone has to buy new or near new, so others can have cheaper bikes :)
    i wonder if they sell any at RRP?
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  6. The apprentice probably did a burnout outside the workshop, 4 km worth ;-)
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  7. so properly run in then? :p
    looks like a great :)

    a couple hundred bucks is nothing when you' know you're the only one to have abused the bike :)

    as for hypocrisy? phht! if everyone could afford to lose a couple of grand on a new bike , they wouldn't settle for seconds ;)
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  8. That's a lot of motorbike for the $$. Nice one.
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  9. congrats on the new ride :)
    You've got to love a great deal (y)
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  10. Wow! That's great mate! Well done.
  11. Awesome stuff, well done.
  12. Congrats BravusBravus

    Nothing quite like that new bike feel. Enjoy!
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  13. Well done. Maybe I have been wrong all of these years and should have brought a new bike. But old habits die hard.
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  14. Looks like the economic downturn is hitting dealerships. If your cashed up, get in now for a bargain.
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  15. I let the original owner pay for the first expensive service and put a few scratches on it.
    Not a good deal to buy a bike only a few hundred dollars cheaper if you have to replace the tyres
  16. Nice price on a great bike! I remember getting my 2010 R6 for 13k with 46km on it, I was stoked!

    I would say if it's your dream bike and you can afford it, don't worry too much about depreciation, just worry about getting out and enjoying the ride!
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  17. congrats BravusBravus - only you know if you got a good deal, if you're still smiling a few days later then you did!
  18. Hey if you save enough to out weigh depreciation and its a keeper then I wouldn't question it. Right? I'm a learner still but I won't be buying new (or close to) until I'm going to commit to that bike for ages and competent to look after it for its life.
    I don't see hypocrisy here and be proud of your purchase woo. New bike feels!
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  19. I thought we were in for at least another three years of 'What bike shall I buy?" threads from Bravus. I feel a bit short-changed.
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  20. haha - yes there's been a couple