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Hyperkewl Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. *Note to mods - I don't have the user privileges to post in the product review section - please move or delete as you deem necessary*

    So cool it's hypercool.

    Picture this, it’s a stinking hot day and you’re miles from home out on your bike. You’ve had a long stop and while you’re nice and rested and adequately hydrated, you still have the prospect of trying to wriggle into your sweaty leathers to make the journey home. You’re already uncomfortably hot and sweating, and you just can’t seem to find a way to convince yourself you’ll be ok once you’re on the bike and moving. It’s the kind of day that if you flip up your visor to get some fresh air your eyes will immediately go dry and begin to burn. There’s no way around it, you’re facing the ride from hell.

    Well that was my day last weekend. I went to visit some friends two hours away at a racetrack and it was a stinker of a day, although much fun was had by all. But honestly I would of preferred to walk home than put the leathers back on. Everybody else was getting ready to leave except me.

    That’s when Luke from Sixty Degrees offers me the use of his Hyperkewl jacket. To be perfectly frank, it doesn’t look very cool. It looks like somebody made a jacket out of the quilt from their Mum’s bed. I’m about ready to turn my nose up at it but truth be told I was ready to try anything.

    All you need to do is get this quilt cardigan and soak it in water, wring off the excess and hey presto you’re now an evaporative cooler. The only water we had readily available was the ice water from the esky, so I managed to achieve a drop in temperature in just under a second. Things were looking up.

    With renewed vigour I went from “I don’t want to ride my bike I’m going to leave it here and walk home”, to “hey I’m gearing up and giving this thing a try” in a heartbeat. What was a ride I was loathing was now a ride I was looking forward to.

    I said my farewells sporting my newly acquired wet Hyperkewl evaporative quilt looking cardigan, and managed to give everybody soggy hugs (even the girls*) and I was on my way.

    For the first five minutes of my ride I spent a bit of time focusing on how I felt. I was convinced when it was explained to me how it works that I wouldn’t like the feeling of riding while wearing a wet jacket. I couldn’t have been anymore wrong. Because after the first five minutes I was into the corners and the hyperkewl jacket never crossed my mind again. I spent the next hour on some of my most favourite roads completely focused on the task at hand, which was having the time of my life riding my bike.

    It was only when I dropped in elevation that the temperature dropped and I realised I was getting cold. That’s the first time since setting out that I noticed the jacket and it’s effects. I needed fuel anyway, but I actually started to look forward to stopping so I could take the jacket off!!!

    While I was fuelling up I had some time to reflect on how good the Hyperkewl jacket really is. I still had another hour’s worth of riding ahead of me and I had just enjoyed the ride that I left behind me. But because I still had the energy and wasn’t fatigued I knew I was going to enjoy the rest of the riding ahead of me. I didn’t feel in the slightest bit dehydrated because the jacket had been doing all of the sweating for me. If anything, it had trapped moisture against my body and had been nourishing me.

    I was sold at that point. I’ve been up and down those roads more times than I can count, and I know all too well how I should have been feeling at that point. But to be feeling that good about riding, and eager to fuel up and get going again when I would usually be completely spent and worn out….let’s just say the grin I got from riding was a lot bigger than it usually it is. The jacket had surpassed all expectations.

    With the current weather being so extreme, the windows of opportunity to get out for a ride are becoming smaller and smaller. It’s either belting down with rain or the sun is frying the bitumen. If you’ve ever decided to not go for a ride because of the heat then you’re going to love the hyperkewl jacket, it opens up more days of the year to get out and have some fun. Just how cool will it make you? Well picture this, you’re out with your mates on a stinking hot day and they’re all complaining about sweat rash, chaffing and unbearable thirst, and all you want to do is get back on the bike and keep riding, yeah that’s pretty cool ;)

    Many thanks to Luke and Kat @ Sixty Degrees Motorcycles for giving me the opportunity to try out the Hyperkewl vest. It was a Godsend.

    *Helpful Hints: Hugging girls in white T-shirts while wearing a wet vest is highly recommended. Also take a backpack with you and a plastic bag in case you need to take the vest off, although after wearing it for a few hours it does dry out and lose some of its effect. If it dries out too much then it can become warm, so you’ll need to find a source of water. Also it’s not very effective for cooling beer, you’ll still need an esky for that.
  2. was it literally just a woollen vest, or did it have some riding gear incorporated?

    My normal trick is soaking the tee or singlet and having it under the mesh jacket, except they are much thinner and go dry within 15 min.
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  3. Thanks for the review Chef, very timely ... I have been considering the purchase of a cooling vest just recently.

    What sort of $$ for the Hyperkewl?

  4. Nah this is a spec designed jacket with some goo inside it to hold the moisture for an extended period of time. I wore the leathers over the top of it with a singlet underneath. There's a lot of variables to how long it lasts, but you don't need to think about it again for a couple of hours.


    Did I mention it was daggy looking?
  5. Cheers mate. I'm told around the $70 mark, but it hasn't been confirmed. I can get back to you with a solid price if you like.
  6. Honestly, when it comes to riding gear, looks are the last thing I worry about. And it's gotta be pretty bad to make me think about it.
  7. Mate i could care less if i looked cool in it, i felt cool and that's all that mattered to me ;)
  8. I looked into these last (AU) summer but never got around to ordering one; same principle, some magic material inside the vest that does funky stuff when it's wet.

  9. cute little belly :)
  10. Does it come in beige?
  11. Giggle giggle
  12. i'm not meaning it to be mean or anything.

    i love little bellies
  13. LMAO.... I pitched it up there to see who'd take it. Thanks mate.
  14. We have similar coats for our greyhounds and they work a treat.
  15. How well vented are your leathers?

    I would have thought that you'd need a good amount of air flow around that to get a decent cooling effect, opposed to it just dripping into your "shorts".
  16. ...soak up some sham wows and shove them down your leather jacket? From what the informercial says...it doesn't drip and holds 10 times its weight in water.
  17. Very true. I don't have vented leathers but I simply opened up the zipper on the jacket by a couple of inches and it worked fine.
  18. i've seen a similar thing a few years back for double the money, put it out of mind due to cost but this looks to be a viable alternative.
  19. So, after 5 years - I'm wondering if these things are now popular, or what people are using in the way of vests to keep cool?

    I like the idea of evaporative vests (over ice ones) as they last longer and are easier to top up whilst on the road. However it seems as though after some searching that the products that have previously been recommended are either discontinued, or web links no longer work which has me wondering if there have been updated versions that work better, or if they didn't work well enough to gain popularity. Hyperkewl seems to be the exception to the rule. (Although the websites I visit have reviews that are over 2 years old as the most recent).

    Is anyone still using evaporative vests, and if so - what's the verdict please?