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Hypercharger on XVS650

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tonner, May 24, 2011.

  1. So bought myself a brand new Hypercharger on Ebay for a song :D and will fit it when I get the chance, 1 question though will it be ok with standard pipes debaffled and re-jetting as per the instructions, or will I need to outlay for an aftermarket exhaust.

    The debaffeling was done before I bought the bike at a Yamaha dealer so I'm not sure how many baffles have been removed or drilled.

  2. It'll be fine with the stock pipes, you just need to do the rejetting... I highly recommend having a read of this.

    The jetting you use takes into consideration the pipes you are using, and I would disable the AIS at the same time.
  3. Thanks Diomac, will hav a look later on
  4. I fitted a hypercharger on my VSTAR 650 - it was so lean I could hardly ride it to the dyno.

    Dyno cost $400 - improved the middle/top end response. 37bhp.

    My pipes are standard, pretty sure they have been drilled by the previous owner – they certainly sound better than standard.

    Bike does backfire changing down – I have read bad things happen if you disable the AIS – unburnt fuel, moisture buildup.

    Few articles and howto's here http://www.650ccnd.com/
  5. Pigsy how would removing the AIS result in unburnt fuel? It's job is to reduce hydrocarbons by burning off excess exhaust gases not fuel.

    Every ones mileage may vary but in the 4 bikes I've done I have never experienced any issues, or have I ever heard of any bad side effects here or at the yamaha forums.

    What jets did you use? Because what you describe is exactly what happens when you don't rejet after fitting a HC or other Air Intake Mod.
  6. Thanks Pigsy, what jets did you fit?? I have been on this website the articles will be most helpfulfor this and other projects.
  7. tonner just saw you are in Calamvale, I am in Sunnybank Hills if you wanted to take a look at mine some time and have a chat we could catch up for a brew.
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  8. Thanks Diomac I will take you up on that for sure. Have you fitted a couple of these already? I am away in PNG for work a bit but would appreciate the chat and well with you being at Sunnybank Hills where nearly neighbors. I will pm you my mobile.

  9. Dyno report says 122.5 Main Jet.

    Max power is 37.21 hp, Max torque is 40.72 ft-lbs

    Sweet spot is 3700rpm (28.62 hp and 40.68 ft-lbs)
  10. lol