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Hyosung's - Read on

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hyo-drama, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. Some people will be happy to hear about this, others disapointed they bought one and some won't care.

    So I parted with my dollars and got a bike after I had read reviews on and all of them came back singing praises to the bike.

    It's a GT650R(L) and was fine for about the first 800km before the drama started. I'll save you the story but that first 800km is the best the bike has done before displaying a new fault.

    The previous problems were:
    Replace one cam chain tensioner (800km)
    Replace the other cam chain tensioner (2700km)
    Replace BOTH cam chain tensioners (7000km)
    Rerun front brake lines, rubbed on radiator (7400km)
    Rebleed cooling system (7700km)

    And now it's at the dealer again for:
    Fuel leak
    Front disc rivits rubbing on caliper mount
    Running warmer than before
    Water leak
    Oil leak
    Fuse holder cap snapped off
    Engine noise(s)

    I should mention that I have now got 9030km on the clock and the bike is less than 6 months old.

    I have been on the phone to Hyosung Aus and was told that I'm 'expecting too much'**. I'm expecting to have a bike that I can ride without having to go back to the dealer every 3 or 4 weeks to have repairs done.

    Is that too much, in your opinion, to expect to have a bike less than 6 months old that you can ride without worring about what the next problem will be?

    I'm going to take my problems to the Dept. of Fair Trading on Tuesday, after an independent inspection. I've spoken to the dealer about it and have mentioned that I'd like my money refunded by Hyosung, not them personally.

    I won't get much back if I sell it because they are not worth the materials used. I've suggested to many people that I could drop a match in the fuel tank and the bike wouldn't burn.

    Glad I still have the car, other wise I'd be screwed royal!


    **After talking to Hyosung recently, I was told that I took the term 'expecting too much' in a false and improper manner.
    It was however as I explained to the rep, 'it was my opinion on what was said', and if it has been misquoted, I'm sorry to the rep and Hyosung.
  2. I'm curious, and not a little suspicious of this thread. You obviously have an axe to grind, and you may well be serious, but to turn up unannounced on a forum, with this user-name, and post this thread without introduction, smells a little fishy. Maybe it's just me, but it does.....

    That said....

    You haven't told us how you ride, and under what conditions, or where, but that aside it does seem that you have had a high level of problems. But to suggest that everyone who buys such a bike is going to have the same level or sorts of problems is way too simplistic. There are quite a few Hyosung riders on Netrider and they have not had a similar, or even close, experience with their bikes.... And there have been a couple of unsubstantiated user stories cut-and-pasted from US-based anti-Hyosung web-sistes, posted here in days gone by.
  3. I understand where you are coming from Hornet600.

    I'm 100% serious about the problems that I have had and only want other people that may be thinking about buying one of these bikes to be aware of the problems that I have had ... so for. I'm not saying they are all bad. As for the name, it's just what came to mind.

    I have a met another GT650 rider and he has had a series of clutch problems. When I find out what the fault, cause and rectifcation I'll let the board know.

    As for my riding style. I think I'm a laid back rider, keep the engine speed within 3-6000 rpm with the rare 8000 rpm dash off the lights. Keep in mind the redline is 10500 rpm. I allow the engine to warm before I ride, waiting until the thermostat is open before I get under way. Even then I take it easy until the oil temp is up.

    I'm not hitting the track, not racing through the Royal National Park (ride through there at the speed limit) nor do I change up gear early to load the engine. I just ride to the speed limit and enjoy the feeling of freedom that you can only achieve on the bike.

    I have copys of the service history and may just scan and post them to support what I'm saying. I've read other reports on other site about owners good and bad Hyosung dealings.

    I'm just sick of the hassle and regret buying this bike. I should have got a Jap bike.


    **After talking to Hyosung recently, I was told that I took the term 'expecting too much' in a false and improper manner.
    It was however as I explained to the rep, 'it was my opinion on what was said', and if it has been misquoted, I'm sorry to the rep and Hyosung
  4. Thanks for the clarifications, mate, I wasn't piling onto you, but sometimes stories are not what they seem....

    It looks like you got a 'Friday Special', and Fair Trading may be the way to go, I presume with the knowledge/cooperation of yor dealer....
  5. Thats sad news. I bought a Korean car once, and was never happy with it. It put me off buying anything Korean again. Just cannot rely on them..
  6. To me, a LOT of those problems stem from poor assembly and pre delivery.
    I wonder if it's the dealers causing a lot of the issues with these bikes? Maybe their is not such a big margin with these bikes, so they rush them out the door?
    I feel for you Hyo dude, and I wish you the best of luck.
    BUT, for all your problems, there are many on the board here who have had nothing but good luck with their Hyos, so please consider you've just got a badly assembled bike (which Hyosung should bloody well fix!).
    Where did you buy teh bike from?

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Sounds like you got a real lemon there, sorry to hear. It would still be under warranty?
  8. all cars and bikes have problems that get fixed in the first few services.

    If I were buying a Hyosung I'd be expecting a few more.

    It seems like you are still in that period. Most of your problems seem pretty basic and fall into this category.

    The engine noise, depending on the type, location and volume could be the exception.

    To be honest, I don't think you really have a case.

    Talk to Commodore and Falcon owners. Not only would they have more than 12 complaints in the first 6 months a great deal of those would be repeat problems and the dealer would be exclaiming "normal wear and tear"
  9. Problems might be basic, but it's the number of them that is not acceptable. Sure, any piece of machinery can have a small problem or two, but when there are dozens, and they keep happening, something is wrong.
    I hope the OP can get the bike replaced under the warranty, or something drastic like that.

    We need to be sending the manufacturers a very clear message it is NOT OK for them to sell lemons and expect us to roll over and accept it as part of life. It doesn't have to be. My CB250 is about the cheapest bike you can buy, and the number of problems it had? In 9,000kms - ZERO. The last car I had was a Holden Barina, (one of those Made in Spain ones); also one of the cheaper cars on the market. Number of faults? ZERO.

    It is possible to assemble even a cheap product properly, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  10. Looks like Hyo has got some serious quality control issues... some good some bad...

    In response to ibast's post... personal choice... I own a Magna for 6 years and not a single issue.. No doubt they are not as macho as the Ford or Holden.. reliability wise, you can't beat a Magna or a Camry.. having said that, ford or holden could have improved since then.. :LOL:

    My first car was a Hyundai Excel.... the engine sounds like a tractor after a few weeks... Traded in for a Magna and never go back since.

    Hope you get things sorted out Hyo dude..
  11. Cash and CB250 is sound like you were either luck or are not that fussy.

    There are statistics on this. The best cars have around 10 or so things to be fixed under warrantee.

    Most are around 20.

    these are numbers from my memory.

    Our Hyo riding freind has only listed 12.

    My Falcon has three significant problems that the factory and the dealer just refuse to fix. Most Falcons also have all three of these problems.

    My commodore driving freinds have had similar difficulties with Holden.
  12. Right before loz comes in and says "look one swallow does make a summer" my Hysoung has had the following issues:

    Cable on back seat popped off - 5 minute fix
    Clutch cable snapped - 18,500kms no biggie easy fix
    Replaced chain and sprockets after 18,500kms

    I ride everyday regardless of weather and round trip to home is 120kms, I warm it up and lube the chain every week oh and it gets serviced about every 6,000kms. I ride pretty hard in and out of traffic and also do some freeway runs when I can. Tyres still good.

    So far have done 20,500kms in 9 months and pretty happy with it.

    Now I have a Mazda 6 got band new and have had 3 factory recalls, 2 new sets of tyres, new rear hatch strut, etc etc all warranty jobs.

    Mate it sounds like you have got a crap dealer or maybe a lemon. It happens who remembers the Ford Capri? :grin: :blackeye: :blackeye:
  13. Oh forgot to add I have had a Kia Rio and a Kia Carnival zero problems with either. And an LG TV, a Samsung fridge and well you get the message some of this korean stuff is AOK. :applause:

    But my next bike will probably be german or japanese.
  14. Thanks for all the prompt replys, makes me feel a bit better knowing there are other people out there that like to hear about the dramas that are going on.

    I'm not saying that I will never buy Korean again, I agree that a large number of quality products are now being exported from there. But I will not get another Hyosung again, that's for sure.

    Worst part is the number of problems in 6 months of owning the bike. 2 or 3 faults in 6 months, I'll accpet that. But 12 is 9 faults too many.

    If I bought a grey import 4 pot 250, then I would accept that it will want a pull though, but you can't kill them! There are some with upward of 25000km, 10-15 years old and they run like a dream. Bit like the postie bikes.

    I've been talking to the dealer (BikeBiz) and they have been great. Can not fault their effort at all. I spoke to (I think) a dealer principle the other day and he was going to talk to someone high up at Hyosung about this bike.

    I'm having an NRMA inspection done on Tuesday, and will post anything that looks interesting on that. Further more on tuesday, I will be making a complaint with the Dept. of Fair Trading. I have been talking to them about it and they sound like I have something that is worth pursuing.

    I'll be picking the bike up this arfternoon and will update the forum on the outcomes and also the service history.

    On the up side, I have only had to adjust the drive chain 3 times. Not because I'm lazy, it's just wearing well. Guess it helps when you take it easy all the time. I do mt best to keep it clean and loobed

    And to Hornet600, I should have made my riding style clear before I started my rant, no problems there.


    **After talking to Hyosung recently, I was told that I took the term 'expecting too much' in a false and improper manner.
    It was however as I explained to the rep, 'it was my opinion on what was said', and if it has been misquoted, I'm sorry to the rep and Hyosung
  15. only buy japanese

    I feel for you mate thats why i recommend buying only japanese both 2 wheel and one wheel. I am a new rider and got my self a 2nd hand vtr thats 7 years old that runs like it was bought yesterday.

    Prior to that i had a brand new Peugeot jetforce scooter costing me 7.5grand. It had major issues such as oil leak, squeaky brakes, rough engine, crappy suspension etc....

    and as for cars dont even get me started about my 206cc and Audi tt.....both were brand new.....one had a new gear box put in after 6000kms and the other had new break pads put in twice in 6months because of squeaks plus many other quality issues that japanese made automobiles just dont have.

    wonder why Europe makes such trash for such high dollar. shame on them. GO japanese
  16. Sorry you have to put up with substandard bike,but anyone who thinks that a hyosung or simular is goin to be as good as the big four jap makers is off in noddy land.Cheap is exactly that theres a reason i only buy kawasakis :wink:
  17. Hi mate,

    I feel for you, i really do. I read your story the other day on the Hyosung forum, sorry to hear your still not haveing any luck getting it sorted out.

    Just for the benefit of everyone else, the major problems do seem to be confined to the 650 models. The 250's seem to fare much better.

    As matti-san said, you can just as easily get a lemon car. It sucks, but that doesnt mean the whole brand is crap. You should certainly be entitled to a full refund in my view.

    I think your beef should be not with the bike as such (because lemons do happen) but rather with the terrible service you have received from either the dealer or Hyosung Australia or both. As an emerging brand in this country the head honcho's at Hyo should give you a brand new bike immediately. If they have confidence in their product then they should admit you got a lemon and apologise and give you a new one.

    good luck.
  18. Re: only buy japanese

    There was also a time when anything made in Japan was considered crap. Times change.
  19. Get what you can fixed under warranty then sell it while its still a low km bike.
  20. **After talking to Hyosung recently, I was told that I took the term 'expecting too much' in a false and improper manner.
    It was however as I explained to the rep, 'it was my opinion on what was said', and if it has been misquoted, I'm sorry to the rep and Hyosung