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Hyosungs get snubbed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aldrich_87, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. I had a chat with a mate recently about how friendly other riders are... Unfortunately he disagrees.

    I've always said hello/nodded to other riders and they have always returned the gesture (I ride a ZX2R), however my mate believes he gets snubbed because he rides a hyosung.

    I thought I'd put the question out there just to get a general opinion.

    Do you look down on Hyosung riders?

  2. I had a Hyosung when i was on my L'S And P'S. Havent really noticed a great difference in the difference of other riders attitudes toward me since getting the ninja. Dont think it really matters which bike your on so much. Some riders are more chatty than others whether your on a 250 or a 1400
  3. I usually spit at them if my visor is open
  4. Yep...

    ... but only 'cos they're usually crouched down fixing their bikes.

  5. Only fully licensed ones.

    I completely understanding buy a piece of crap to get you through your L's/P's period.
  6. Is he a squid?

    I don't chat or nod to squids, that's all i really pay attention to.
  7. I literally look down on Hyosung riders and in fact pretty much everyone else not on a tall upright-seating adventure bike.... ;) :angel:

    Jokes aside, not really, no. A few friends own them and it's never been a case of, "OMG, you have a Hyosung? We can't ever be friends again". And on rides with them they get just as many 'nods' as the rest of us.

    I think your friend's just paranoid. Some people just don't nod. Or return nods. Or wave.
  8. He chose the hyosung for its looks. Tried to talk him out of it. oh well...
  9. They're a good learner bike. Nice V-twin and a cheaper option than a VTR250. I did about 20,000km on mine while I had it and got plenty of nods and return waves.

    There is a bike-specific element in there somewhere though. My Hyo GT250R and my Suzi SV650S were/are yellow sportsbikes. I get standard return on my nodding/wave (say, 40% reciprocation).

    My black FJ1200 however is the only bike I've owned that gets me returned nods and the occasional wave from chopper/cruiser riders (barring the very occasional exception on the yellow bikes). Interesting, eh? I guess they see the big square old headlight and think 'old timer at the bars' = respect. Who knows!?

    I'll miss the old girl 8-[
  10. I'm a nod wh0re. I would have nodded before I even saw it was a Hyo. I reckon it's Hyo paranoia.
  11. [-X

    That's bloody disgraceful mate .. I'd have expected better from you.
    If You were really committed, it wouldn't make a difference if the visor was up or down. :p

    Seriously, I nod at every rider cause I'm just happy to be riding in any shape or form.
  12. I can never tell the make of a fully faired bike when it's oncoming.

    I don't nod to anybody anyway. Nodding is for c**ts.
  13. I only nod at squids; I hate fully geared up rossi-wannabe pretentious riders who are silly enough to put on all the gear on 30deg+ days. HTFU and ride with the wind in your hair. Yep, no helmets either- or you won't get a nod from me.

    In fact, basically I only nod to cars drivers.
  14. I'll nod to most things except pizza delivering scooters. If a Hyo rider doesn't nod back, I point to ground below there bike, they look down thinking something is broken again, I receive my nod, win.
  15. I couldn't care less if they are riding a Hyosung or not... but almost always don't nod first.

    If someone nods I'll mostly nod back, if I've got time and I'm not thinking about something else... and more importantly if it's somewhere out in the country.

    Nodding in the city is just...
  16. Bahahhahaha
  17. :D:D
    I dig it
  18. lol funny shit
  19. I did nod to all riders, but I found some old guys or cruiser don't give a damp about and it let me down in the way, thinking way ta f**k just feel like an idiot NO MORE NOD, but still do it =D>
  20. wow. some of these replies are ****ing hilarious. holy shit, you motorcyclists should be comedians