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Hyosung's 30th anniversary offering!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/N...ber19-23/nov2007hyosung30thanniversaryaquila/

    Korean firm Hyosung is, believe it or not, 30 years old next year and to celebrate it's revealed this limited-edition version of its 650cc Aquila cruiser.

    The V-Rod-esque Aqulia uses Hyosung's own fuel-injected, 650cc V-twin, making an impressive 80bhp.

    That power goes through a five-speed gearbox and belt drive to the rear wheel.

    The anniversary model is marked out by its black paint and red frame and wheels.

    Matthew Gilder of importers and distributors, E. P. Barrus said: "Most people probably think that Hyosung only started making bikes a few years ago.

    "This model highlights the fact that Hyosung has 30 years of motorcycle design and manufacturing experience in Korea and it’s an increasingly serious make. New bikes next year demonstrate the company’s ambitions."

    Prices will be announced early next year, when the limited-edition machine goes on sale - but compared to its rivals, it's sure to be cheap.

  2. It DOES look good....

    {but don't tell Loz :LOL:}

    arrrghhhh, too late!!!
  3. 30 years old!?!

    That basically means to me that these losers have no more excuses.
  4. Took the words out off my mouth ,not a good "plug" for the Hyo. :wink: .

    Give it another 30 years. :wink:
  5. well it LOOKS nice

    You still couldn't pay me to buy one though.
  6. Free with every hyosung 1 kawasaki zx10 :shock: (sorry one only and your too late)
  7. OMG what a POS !

    Wouldn't be caught dead on one. How you gonna look at the first set of lights when some dude who owns an 'real' V-Rod pulls up ?
  8. The same way people on metric cruisers feel???
  9. I think it looks alright.
  10. So it's taken them 30 years to achieve what ?

    Placing a poorly copied Suzuki engine inside a poorly copied HD ???
  11. I'd still feel superior. After all, I got a bike that is just as powerful, just as unreliable but for a quarter of the cost :).
  12. What do you people expect for a budget priced bike?

    For the price it is, your not going to get any other new bike that's similar for the same price. Ok it hasn't got the qaulity or bells & whistle of other brands (but it doesn't have a high price tag either). Overall, I reckon it's good value for the money. And with the money you could save, you could always buy a 2nd hand r6..etc as a track bike.
  13. Er...um what the ? (650-v-1130) :---)
  14. bah your all poags, it looks ok. probably would look better with a black frame too.

    I also like the look of the gt650x
  15. He wasnt being serious, its a plug thats usually pointed at harleys typically, comes in other flavours such as:
    "Why buy a bike with comfort, reliability, power, fuel efficiency and style when you can own a Harley!"
  16. Hmmm, seems to me a company is trying to do the best they can despite endless cop outs from the motorcycling community! Come on guys, give em a break, if everything works out in Hyosung, it might very well push market prices in Aus down, thats worth a few beers I think at least.
  17. +1 for beer and lower prices. However, when your after a specific bike you usually pay accordingly. I dont think prices will drop much with the exception of other manufacturer's bikes that fall in the same category as Hysongs offerings.

    Same thing happens with cars, anyway, didn't Kia just win car of the year???