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Hyosung Warranty

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Crashtastic, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, not 100% sure if this is in the right forum, so mods feel free to impose your wrath.

    Looking at getting my first (road) bike soon, and I'm very tempted to go for the Hyosung. I know, shock horror.

    Does anyone know where I can find details on the warranty? I have some experience in auto electrics, and from what I've heard the most problems that the Hyos have are related to keeping the magic smoke inside (read: electrics). I'd be keen to replace parts and wiring as required with aftermarket components at home, but I worry that this might affect the warranty.
  2. Warranty just means its fixed free. Doesn't mean it wont be off the road for a week or 4 whilst you wait for it to be fixed. And just cause its new, doesnt mean its going to be trouble free.

    In my case, I was looking at a new CB500F or a 2nd Hand CB400 for same price.

    I ended up choosing 2nd hand CB400. Have never had a issue (touch wood) with the bike over the last 18K.

    Why would you wanna fcuk around with the electrics on a new bike???

    By buying 2nd Hand at maybe 12 months old, you save some bucks, and hopefully the original owners had to do all the pi$$ing around with warranty.

    FWIW, I'd rather a 2nd Hand Japanese bike over a new Hyosung.

    Either way, good luck with your purchase.
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  3. mines 7 years old, never off the road for anything not my fault..
  4. I personally would also rather purchase a good 2nd hand Jap bike than a new Hyosung, will be a high risk investment.
  5. If you modify any standard part of the bike, and that part or a related part dependant on that part fails, it is likely the warranty will be void.
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  6. Adding to Tweet's comment, above.
    You will probably need to get the bike serviced by a registered bike mechanic who should use Hyo recommended parts, oils etc. If you don't the warranty may be void.

    *NB - The bike doesn't have to be serviced by a Hyo mech though.
  7. just buy japanese and ya wont have a problem :)
  8. Not really right forum so I have moved it. I will save my wrath ;)

    They are a good price, and you hear mixed reports about them now days from some who have ongoing issues to others like TheraThera 's experience where it has been a good reliable bike. In the early days they seems to have a lot of mechanical issues but those appear to be resolved. As you say most issues now days seem to be electrics, quality of plugs and connectors mainly.

    Generally they come with a 2 year unlimited Km warranty. Most warranty's are breeched if you work on the bike yourself. There is no Statutory warranty on motorcycles under Victorian law. It differs in other states. You have some protection under the general "Fitness for Purpose" provisions of consumer law. The warranty offered in a manufacturers warranty and so they have the rights to say you will void the warranty if you work on it yourself. So choose a dealer close to you, as Gooza said it could be off the road while they resolve issues and if you have to get it to a distant dealer that's more of a pain.
  9. I suppose it may be a question to take up with Hyosung themselves, or even a dealer. The way I see it, is with any major failure I would have no problem having the bike sent off to the dealership for repairs under warranty. However, for many small electrical gremlins, the problem can be fixed by replacing a connector or two. I'm more then confident enough to pull the loom apart, grab a workshop manual and hunt the gremlin myself, but just seems a little silly in my mind that I might void my entire warranty by replacing a terminal. Also seems silly in my mind to have to send the bike away to replace a 50c part.
  10. Yes they have a warranty enquiry section on their website: Contact Us < HYOSUNG > NATURAL HY.

    If you are an Auto Electrician then you may get permission from them, if you are just a skilled amateur they have no way of assessing your competence so the answer would probably be no. But it doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. Alas, I'm not qualified in any official sense. I'll ask away and report back.
  12. Hyosung will do anything the can to get out of honouring the warranty, they are ****s like that.
  13. Hi,

    it might be too late. I hope not for your sake. if you have bought one already. get it blessed by a priest. even if you are not religious. if you havnt bought one yet.....contact me asap.