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hyosung vs vtr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by josh_1988, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. ive had my l's for about 3 weeks and im looking at buying a road bike within a month or so and after reasearching the best options and some advice and help from my old man im tied between the hyosung gt250r (new) at $7500 on road and a vtr250 around 2000 year model at about $5000. saving some money on the vtr would be good and they are known generally as a good learner bike but for the awsome look and good things ive heard im really fixed on the hyosung for only $7500.

    anyone have advice or experince with these bikes?? just some comments would be good

    im also worried about something happening to the hyosung such as if it gets stolen, im pretty sure i am only going to have thrid party property with my insurance just because the cost for my age comprehensive is ridiculous.
  2. :popcorn:

    This should be good...... again.....

  3. Josh, I reckon one look side by side should be enough.

    The Hyosung is probably OK, and I keep looking at them when I see them. But with that very amateur-looking square tube frame and the crude bracketry and componentry appearance, there is nothing in it.

    The VTR is refined to look at. The Hyo is crude. Up close, especially. Mechanically, I understand it's the same, too. I probably should grab a ride on a Hyo to cure my wondering... ;-)

    You're kidding, aren't you? Are spares that hard to come by?

    No one even steals VTRs, to the best of my knowledge.

    All the best :)

    Trevor G
  4. I learned to ride on a VTR and now own a Hyo. Both bikes have equal power due to them being V-twins and provide sufficient power on street roads. Honda has always been the more reliable brand, and since Hyo recently just came to existence, lots of people are a bit sceptical about their reliability, but they have gotten better over the years. So theres nothing with getting a new one.

    VTR will keep its value if you buy it second hand and then sell it when its time to upgrade. Buying a new Hyo, and like all new bikes, you will lose some money when you decide to sell it.

    I think it depends on what you prefer. I chose the Hyo because its bigger than the usual 250 and i prefer faired bikes. Thought I would get use to the size before i upgrade.
  5. yeh i checked out the hyosungs relability and was tryin to find out if all the negative talk about them is fact or just rumors because they r korean, and i found that they make the exact same engine for suzuki so they cant be too bad mechanically and they are selling like crazy in aus

    it looks like a good deal to me and i think it the one i will probly go with but still could change my mind at the last miute... never know
  6. If those are your two choices. Go the VTR, unless u want a faired bike.
  7. I agree. Even adding a small (fly) screen to the VTR would be a good choice to cut down wind pressure. Somebody here was selling a black VTR with a small black screen on it some time ago, it looked very very nice.

    As far as the year 2000 model, I think 2003 onwards had a tacho. Might be worth considering?
  8. They don't make the same engine for Suzuki, people say they do but they don't simple as that.

    If you can afford the VTR get that its a better bike, its more powerful, it will be more reliable, and parts will not cost you a fortune when you drop it.
  9. Unfortunately VTR250 parts are as expensive as the next one.

    It's NSR150 parts which are incredibly inexpensive. Fairing panels for $100 and so on.

    The only advantage of the VTR parts-cost-wise is - no plastic!


    Trevor G
  10. Have you seen the price of Hyosung parts, approx. twice the norm.
  11. Yes, hyo parts are expensive. These are some of the costs of parts that needed replacing for my bike.

    Left Front Brake: $101.45
    Rear Panel: $158.44
    Mirror: $148.90
    RH Front Fairing: $266
    Eagle Screen: $150 (which is strange since i bought a tinted screen at a lower cost)
    Handlebar: $154.30
    LH Front Fairing: $266
    LH Lower Fairing: $366.50
    Repair/Repaint fuel tank: $525

    These are the most expensive parts that needed fixing, but luckily insurance covered it :D

    Total cost of repairs were about $5500
  12. There are other ways of getting spare bits and pieces for Hyosungs.

    I am ordering from a guy in Korea and stuff arrives very quick and is about 50% - 60% of the local pricing. Some stuff I recently ordered arrived in 4 days (door to door) :)
  13. If the choice was between new Hyo and a new VTR I'd say VTR is a better, more reliable bike. I doubt anyone would say anything else.

    If the choice was between two second-hand bikes, I'd say avoid older Hyosungs like a disease - get the VTR.

    But if the choice is between new Hyosung or a seven-year old VTR, I'd take Hyosung. New ones are supposed to be better quality-wise, it will be covered by warranty, and you'll get the pleasure of getting something brand new.
  14. im not terribly knowledged with bikes, but from what i do know, your comparing one of the top bike makers with a long history (Honda) against an up and coming korean brand (Hyosung).

    the hondas are tryed, tested and perfected, while the hyosungs are still having their problems ironed out. ive heard about bad wiring problems in hyosungs and also rough gear changes.

    i still havent heard a bad comment about the vtr bikes. if you want a faired bike your probably better off getting a kawa or a honda as well, there are somes beasty 250's out there, naked or not.

    the best point ive heard about the hyosungs is their long warranty, apparently 2 - 3 years of warranty on the bike.

    if i were you id personally get a vtr, but at the moment im still trying to hunt down a 250cc ninja / fireblade for under $4k =P. almost there i think.
  15. Buy my VTR!!
    it has a screen and ventura rack already. :)
  16. Listen to stigger, he's right on the money. The Hyosungs ARE NOT A SUZUKI ENGINE !!!!

    Think of resale as well. Getting rid of a Hyosung will be like getting rid of AIDS, especially if it's done decent kms. There will always be buyers for a jap bike, irrespective of milage and condition.

    (think: Daewoo -v- Toyota.)
  17. I'd say herpes myself it won't kill you but you'll wish you hadn't done done it for the rest of your lie...
  18. is there even a choice, i used the think the Hyo 250s were ok, but hearing whats happened to guys who own them (ie getting sent back to dealer THREE times within the first 1000kms for things like caliper mounting bolts snapping, batteries dying, slipping out of gear etc etc etc)
    assuppose to my VTR which has had the absolutle shit flogged out of it, taken places only an enduro should be ridden on, and generally had a hard life (always kept service shedule but), and 45000kms later (55 on the clock) is still panging like the first day i got it. with 20 kgs less weight, and 4 kW more power (quite a bit when you are 19.5kW vs 24kW)

    i dont think there is much choice involved, but if you want the hyo, by all means...
  19. The VTR250 is a sensational bike, I've ridden heaps of them and they're absolutely brilliant. They handle, brake and go great. They're exceptionally reliable, easy to work on, and there's shitloads of parts in wreckers everywhere. I'd gladly own one as a second bike/commuter because nothing can touch them around town. I reckon I'm quicker in the city on a VTR than anything else, it's madness.

    Please don't buy a Hyosung. Not only are you risking buying a POS, I will personally shoot this cute geek puppy:


    Please, think of the geek puppy.
  20. So how many of have u shot so far?