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Hyosung Stator / Regulator (Electical) Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by KalmJ, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    New to the site, hopefully you guys can help me. Had a browse through some threads already but i am still a bit unsure.

    tl:dr at bottom

    I own a 2010 GT650 with ~8300km's on it. Have had no previous problems with the electrics.

    Here how the problem started:
    I was riding about a week ago along the freeway and when i stopped at the off ramp the bike just cut out on me and i couldn't get it started again. Everytime i tried to start it all i could hear was the starter ticking away but it wouldn't fire up. I got it towed home and charged the battery up and all started fine and worked. I rode it again a few days later and as i was getting back home it cut out on me again at low RPM's just outside my house so i was lucky enough to roll up to the garage.

    Since then i have not attempted to ride it again. I have been reading a lot online and i think i have narrowed it down to either the regulator or the stator. I have just been out to the bike and tested the voltage along the electrical circuit.

    Please keep in mind this is the first time I'm tackling anything to do with auto electrics, im pretty hands on with Evey other aspect but this is a first.

    1) I measured from the voltage from the stator and i was getting around 20 volts from the combination of the three connection points.

    2) I measured the voltage from the regulator and i was getting a fluctuating 36-37 volts (This seems high, was i meausuring in the right units or is this the part thats broken?)

    3) I have read online that to also measure the volts coming from the wire from the Regulator to the battery but i couldn't manage to find it.

    I should also add that i have tested the battery and it is holding around 12.8 volts and it isn't increasing as i rev the bike.

    Is there anything else i should do to diagnose the problem or can anyone figure out what would be the culprit?

    tl:dr Problems with elctical circuit somewhere, ~20 volts coming from stator ~36-37 from regulator battery isn't going above 12.8 when revving.

  2. Describe how you measured the Stator voltage a bit more clearly. Meter on AC volts and you measured between 2 of the three wires that comes from the stator? You should not short these three wires together they generate a voltage between them. So 1 - 2, 2 - 3 and 3 - 1 should give roughly the same AC voltage. See the second page Mike has provided.

    Then on the DC side of the Regulator, (Meter on DC Volts) you should be getting a maximum of 14.4 volts DC with the engine revving. 30 - 37 on the output of the regulator (???) volts is bad, overcharging the battery which will damage it and blow globes etc. If you are getting that voltage the regulator is stuffed.

  3. Thanks guys for the help.
    I ended up replacing the regulator and it has even working good for about 4 days now. So that was definitely te problem otherwise the battery would have been dead after a day or two.
  4. Yurp one of the more common things with our bikes (I GOT WUN TOO HURHUR).

    Something fcuks out and it just simply doesn't recharge the battery properly itself.


    There ye go, whole thread on it. Korider is the Hyo forum.

    Btw, what colour is yours? Better be white.
  5. Who can help me with my hyosung problems
  6. Is it an electrical problem related to charging? Describe your problem?