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Hyosung service?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sevans, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of what I should be paying for a standard 10,000 k service on a Hyosung 250? I've had one quote of around $800, which seems a bit steep for my liking.


  2. Different bike but I had a major service on my VTR250 recently.
    I paid roughly $830 but that included a new front tyre, new chain and rear brakes done.
    Also mine was a major service which also included valves checked.
    Your $800 quote for a standard service does seem high.
  3. I paid around 220 for a 12k km service on my 2010 GT650R.

    Sounds like PS servicing quote?
  4. The mechanic my friend uses and I've used once charges $400 for a major service and $250 for a minor.

    Edit: Local mechanic, not a dealer.
  5. Thanks all. I figured $800 was pricey for a standard service.
  6. Hyo servicing is easy to do your self


  7. so are their suggestions on a good [cheaper] place for a hyo service? mine needs one too - north syd area ( I too was quoted about 700 by the mob that are raved about here on netrider - but i think this is bloody high!)
  8. Can you tighten your own chain? Change your own oil and filter, do you know how to lube your cables? Do you know what pressure your tyres should run at? If you can answer yes to these questions then do it yourself. That way you save mega bucks. Apart from oil and the filter your only expense it your time.
    If not, keep ringing around, anything over a few hundred bucks is a con.
  9. Would be great if you could service your own bike, But the new Hyosungs or even older ones have a long warranty. (Mines 2 years) If the service isn't done by a licenced mechanic then the warranty becomes void. =[

  10. ...yeah - that's a constructive post.

    Just what the OP wants I'm sure - someone to hang shit on his choice of motorbike.

  11. dude, calm down. everyone makes fun of hyo's.

    it's funny anyways - lighten up :)
  12. Sorry about that I am trying to me more constructive on teh intawebz from now on.

    See even worked out how to start by thinking of your post


    Ps - Would have replied the same if it was a harley.
  13. Hey - it doesn't trouble me personally, I don't have a Hyo, but really - a poster comes in asking for service advice on his bike, and cops shit about it - a jerry can full of fuel and a box of matches???

    For all you know he loves his bike. It wouldn't matter what brand it is, saying you'd do the same thing if it were a Harley doesn't make it OK.

    Meh... whatever - that's netrider for you...

    Most users bitching and moaning about how hard done by and victimised we (motorcyclists) are as a group, but only ever serve to divide the group and alienate other riders with stupid behaviour like this.

  14. Yep - a very constructive post. Nice.

    It's cool though - a few comments/posts were actually very helpful. The Hyo is my first bike. It handles well enough and is unforgiving. Until I get used to riding that's all I ask.

    Eberbachl - you comments were spot on. Motorcyclists, as a group, are supposed to be a collective, regardless of bike brand (aside from a Harley...), performance or experience, right? Or am I just imagining things?
  15. does the hyosung website list all dealers that stock hyosung's? If so go calling them and another alternative would be to yellow pages and ring around.

    BTW did they tell you exactly why the service is that expensive? Ask them for a breakdown of what they do for the service - from that list aske them only to do the things your not confident about.
  16. The workshop manual is here:


    Deatails of the service schedule are in section 2, page 16. all looks pretty standard for a major service.

    Do you have to go to a Hyo dealer or can you go to any motorcycle mechanic?
  17. not sure i don't have a hyosung and so have no idea what they are like/hard to work on
  18. I found a couple of dealers who said they can service the bike. I'm trying to avoid Peter Stevens as a few postings on Net Rider said they tend to charge high prices.

    The guys I've called so far haven't really provided a breakdown of what's involved in a standard service. It's a 10,000 service and they've tended to say that it's a fairly standard job.

    I'd like to be able to do a few more things myself to the bike. Apart from reading the manual cover-to-cover, is there a better way to get to grips with the mechanics of a bike?
  19. As far I know there is no 10,000km service on a Hyo the 4 and 8,000 services are in the manual...
  20. Go to a spanner night which are on here from time to time, You will learn heaps from these get togethers,
    Chain tightening, oil changes, Etc, Etc, are so simple once you have been shown how,
    The bike type is irrelevant at these spanner nights as all bikes are basically the same when it comes to the mechanics of them,

    Geeths 650 Kwaka is only a toy bike, so what would he know, Hahahahahahaha A key board warrior, Hahahahahaha I think he really wants to use the petrol and matches on his own bike.

    Heathers bike is a Hyosung 250 Aquila, I work on it. Simplicity itself, very easy bike to work on,
    I just wish it had a centre stand to make it easier, Looks like I will have to make one for her.