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hyosung riders?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Phoenix, May 11, 2008.

  1. is there any hyosung riders out there that might be able to help me with a question?

    i have a new 250r, and on the digital display i have the fuel display but next to it the temp guage doesnt light up? do u have to select it some how with the buttons or should it be on all the time?
  2. Thats because your Hyosung isn't hot, nor will it ever be :rofl: :LOL: ;)

    Sorry, I'll be good and go away now ;)
  3. The temperature gauge on the 250 isn't connected.
  4. How bizarre.
  5. Not really. It never gets hot enough to need it because it's always being pulled down for a rebuild :p

  6. ahuh.....????
  7. Stigger and Dougz are the self-appointed netrider Hyosung haters.

    Ignore them and enjoy yourself.

    BTW I encountered a Hyosung 650 Aquilla rider at Avenel Shell on Tuesday, with 36,000 km in 6 months and no problems. I'm not sure whether to believe him because he also claimed to be on his original rear tyre, and it was a Battleax...


    Trevor G
  8. What? he asked a question and I answered it.
    He's already made his mistake by buying it I wouldn't want to make it any worse.
  9. You did well. Did I make a mistake?


    Trevor G
  10. How would you measure the engine temperature on an air cooled motor?
  11. Oil Temp?
  12. spose you could, but the point being the reason the light doesn't work is because it's designed for the 650 water cooled engine.