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Hyosung Riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by waspy, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Hello again everybody,

    I wish to bring everyones attention towards the recent addition of a few Hyosung bikes to the registery. YEY, I'm not a loner... well not bike wise anyway...

    So if your a Hyo owner let me know (especially if you are near the gold coast, I've seen heaps of you around.) And if your a hyo owner (or a rider at all for that matter), just looking around then dont be shy. Add yourself to the site. U never know how much fun it will lead to..!!! Everyone's nice so dont be scared. I know i was nervous when i first looked through here. But now I'm going for my first big ride with great (importantly sensible) people.

    Ride safe,


  2. We few we happy few, we band of brothers! Hyosungs are one of the biggest selling bikes in Oz. Great value and even smarter riders :grin:
  3. Amen to that brother. I hear that WA has the biggest dealership... sounds odd, but whatever floats there boats....

    Update ur details with ur msn dude we can let ur bikes have internet sex... verry nice... Mines too good for urs!
  4. Welcome Waspy, and congrats on being a fellow Hyo rider
  5. cheers mate. I think im getting im trouble from vic and some moderator fella for asking about a way to look up people by bike and location. Didnt realise they sorta had it already. Not to worry.

    How u finding ur hyo?
  6. Well Hi I'm a hyo owner if not rider...

    But you've got a 250 so you should be good to go.

  7. GT 250 rider here in Wodonga, VIC.

    5000km ticked over today and loving it. Got my license test tomorrow so did a fair bit of riding today :)
  8. i also have a hyosung gt650r, i love it to bits , just gota get me a doubble bubble screen from egale screens and a aftermarket can and i will be happy as larry so to speack
  9. I gotta say that waspy's who-flung has a very nice sound, the thing looks and sounds much bigger than a 250.

    not sure about those no-name tyres tho :-k
  10. I'm a hyo GT 250 owner near the goldcoast (bris). I hardly ever see a hyo about... actually the only one i have seen was an Aquila at uni. It's good to know i'm not alone.
  11. Another Hyosung owner lurking here :) I have an '02 GV250 :grin:
  12. +1 06 GT250R South East Melb
  13. They are shit, but have lasted 28,000kms so far. :LOL:
  14. hahaha thank god the gt650/r's come with decent rubber lol, by the sound of them stinkos they are hard as all hell
  15. What are you on? :grin:

    Im a Hyo rider, kinda...was....will be again soon! I cant wait to get my bike back, but im a bit nervous, had a bad dream last night where i got a different kind of Hyosung...apparently (in the dream) they released a new model and got given that instead of a gt250r. It was lime green and was a sexy looking naked, but slow as a harley :oops:

    I really just wanna get back on the road, its just driving i mean riding me nuts! :grin:
  16. Hey Karaman, I'm on two wheels mate, my drug of choice. :grin:
  17. rofl @ Hyosung rofl ....

    I mean that in the most nicest possible way :p

  18. That is fcuking hilarious mate and very insightful, tell me are you a Rhodes Scholar? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :roll: :jerk:
  19. Here here! got my self the 650gt and is in a stage of some nice mods to it, 25k on the clock so far and still tight!

    dont mind kom, his really jelous of mine, btw kom, it wasnt the yellow duke that kicked you off at mt white few weeks back, it was...me! :p
  20. Hi people,

    I purchased my first bike 3 weeks ago, Hyosung GT250R black on black.

    I have done 1200kms on it and its great!

    I'm from the South Easten area near chadstone in vic.

    I'm always up for a ride so if anyone elese is from my area let me know.