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Hyosung Riders/Naked Bikes

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Phillip, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all Hyosung Riders and all other riders!

    Just wanting to chat to any Hyosung riders out there (and any other riders)

    I'm a new rider on L's and just purchased a new 2008 model Hyosung gt250 comet NAKED, black.

    Been out the last 2 saturdays, man why have i waited so long to do this, what a buzz, the feeling of freedom on the raods, (just gotta watch out for those p-platers in cars, who are always in a rush). . . . .
    My wife is going for her learners at the end of the month, fingers crossed she gets it. My son loves the new bike.
    Yep i can c us now in 17years (when he is old enough) cruzing down the Great Ocean Road . . . mmmmmmmm l like the sound of that... :grin:

    Well hope to chat with any new riders out there on anything to do with bikes and the open road.

    Cheers Phillip :grin:
  2. Glad you're on two wheels mate :) But you won't find many lovers of Hyosungs round here. :p

    I'm happy to help you with any questions you have regarding the bike though.

    Also check out www.korider.com if you're looking to chat with Hyosung riders specifically. If you can wade past the rubbish on the forums there, you can find some good technical info.
  3. congratulations and welcome, can only hope you enjoy m/cycling as much as I have over the last 43 years :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. G'day Phillip,

    Welcome... nice bike, I had the same while on my L's and P's and never had a problem. Enjoy riding!
  5. Welcome Aboard Phillip !!!
    Naked is the way to go :p
    re: Hyos >> what Dougz said :shock: :(

    Darkside .. 43 years :shock: .. Damn I HATE U :wink:
  6. no problems with mine(Mine has a dress/fairings). Read around there are some negative issues that some people have had, and will tell you about.

    Make note to that Peter stevens is a bugger to get servicing done. Booked 4k service last week, earliest spot 23 July!, so take this into account if you are going to use them to service it.

    I am glad you are enjoying it.

    Take care.
  7. Get in touch with Ray at Stafford Motorcycles Heidelberg. There service is outstanding and they know everything there is to know about Hyoflungs. Service leadtimes are usually about a week at the most :wink:
  8. "Love em naked"

    Thanks guys/girls for the feedback.
    l'll keep you posted with my journey on the saddle of my Hyosung.
    Bought the bike from Ray at Stafford Motorcycles Heidelberg, a mate used to work there and told not to look anywhere else, i'm glad i took his advice the guys there are tops, thumbs up from me. . . :)

    My wife and i both liked the bike cus its brand new, 2 year warranty and its a lot larger size than other bikes eg cbr250rr

    Its a start for us both as a learner bike and i hope we have a great time with it.
    In the future i'd love a Buell xb9s mmmmmmm, but a day a a time....

    Cheers Phillip :grin:
  9. hey! gld to see im not a loan hyosung rider/Dreamer too!
    while i dont yet have a bike, the one i will be learning on will be a gt650R
    because its on LAMS and its big, an the only one while looking aroung fitted my frame and that i liked the look of.
    Dont mind a buel either, but its Dukes all the way for me mate...desmo for me...200HP HERE I COME!! lol
  10. Congrats and welcome.
  11. Well done, hope you have many happy km's of riding!
    Naked is the way to go! :LOL:
  12. Hey Phillip, great to see another learner in the area. We need a bigger group of noobs in the N.Subs. :grin:

    (Just realised my first post is in a Hyo thread. Imma gonna go make a formal introduction).
  13. Welcome also. Hyosungs are okay, i would prefer a Ninja 250r to learn on but hey, you can pass it on to the wife cause when you get ur P's, being over 30 you can ride a unrestricted bike :grin:

    Though get some experience first.
    All the best with the motorcycling.
  14. Well done Phillip. Loving the enthusiasm!

    Being a new Learner etc, if you havnt already, check out the threads posted on new riding tips/techniques etc. If would be worth your while to spend some hours revising all the great advice/tips.

    I have posted a few questions there, and the support and encouragement to help me improve skills and stay safe was awesome.

    Im still not convinced about Naked Bikes! Ha! but your looks very tidy and your stoked with it which is crucial for your riding enjoyment, so thats cool.

  15. Diegesis Cheers m8t. It would be great if we could get a bunch of noobies together for a cruz, must keep in touch. . . .

    Cheers Phiilip
  16. Welcome Phillip

    Another Mill Park rider - may have seen you on the streets. I'm on a red Suzy 1200 Bandt and my wife's on a brand spanker black Suzy GSX650F.

    Stafford I have heard good things about and also next door at Riders Edge for gear and bits and pieces.

    Hope you enjoy your bike and have many years of good riding.
  17. Hyo lover here....so far anyway...mind you that could easily change if things go to the shit. But yeah so far so good.

    Many vocal persons here who don't like Hyo's or have had bad experiences with them, and their entitled to their opinion and you're bound to hear them too :LOL: . Regardless it's all about getting out there and enjoying your ride, whatever you may have between your legs :p

    Happy trails!
  18. G'Day Phil...

    Good to meet another Hyosung rider :grin: I'm on my 'L's too ... Been riding my little Hyosung Rally 50 since Nov last year and decided it was time to upgrade and just bought a Hyosung GV 250 Aquilla (CAUTION: MID LIFE CRISIS IN PROGRESS) :grin:

    I used to hang round the Scooter folder here ages ago but fell away for a while due to work commitments and now that I'm back do you think I can remember my old password???? Course not :oops: and since I've got a new ISP I can't get it sent to me as I have a new e-mail addy :roll:

    Anyway.... I digress... Good to meet you mate :grin:

    P.S. ...Just a playful nudge back at the Hyo detractors... I am always left wondering how many of those that slag off Hyo's as cheap Korean crap happily drive a Kia or Daewoo when they have to revert to 4 wheels? :p :grin:
  19. Hyo's are Korean and crap they are not however cheap, the GT250 is more expensive than the Kwaka 250R.

    I own both a Kia and a Hyundai and if the Hyo was half as good as them they wouldn't have the reputation they do.
  20. You had to bite, didn't you! :LOL:

    Hyo's ROCK!!