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hyosung quality?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by helent, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Hi

    I am looking at buying a Hyosung Aquila 250, and my husband has test ridden the GV650 (I am not sure whether is he completely interested or not, I think the Korean factor is putting him off, although he liked the ride, he couldn't believe how zippy it was).

    Anyway, most of the things I have read about Hyosung have been good. But I found one (professional not consumer) review that suggested rusting had begun on some of the metalwork on the GV650 he was testing.

    Does anybody have any opinions, or care to agree or disagree with this review? I think the review may have been 2-3 years old - maybe the quality has imprived since then?

  2. The quality is pretty good.

    Personally, i dont think the Hyo's are up to the standard of teh Jap bikes.
    You do notice it most on the chrome first.

    You've got to remember that these bikes are significantly cheaper than whats on offer from the Jap manufacturers so i guess there has to be some differences. Having said that i love my Hyo, i think its a great little bike.

    I have also heard a couple of reviews that suggest early rusting was starting to become evident, but they also suggested that this could be largely offset by good maintenance and cleaning quite often.
  3. I went back to the hyosung dealers on Monday - and at another dealers 2 doors down, I did notice a second had aquila for sale that had only done 7000kms and it was covered in rust and bubbling :eek:

    So I had a word with the sales guy at the hyosung place, and he quite rightly pointed out that they had a second hand one with similar kms but no rust in sight. So like you said Duffman, he reckoned it came down to how you looked after them. Other makes of second hand bikes there also had plenty of rust (although it must be said that they also had a lot more than 7000kms on the clock).

    Anyway, he convinced me enough to sign on dotted line :grin: . We will be picking the bike up on Saturday and then I just have to learn to ride it - say a couple of weeks - yeh? :wink:

    I will just have to resign myself to hours of cleaning and polishing it on a regular basis :roll: (unlike my car which now looks two-tone due to the muck all along the bottom half of it) .

    But seriously - how long do you spend cleaning it - and how often? There appear to be so many nooks and crannies to get into :shock:
  4. Can't say I agree with that. Compare a new Comet 250 naked(which is probably one of the most popular Hyo's) and a new Honda 250 naked like the new CBF250(?) and the prices are not very different at all. I would NOT buy another Hyo' after my Comet. Frame rusting, loose gearbox, near impossible to adjust suspension (only possible if you REMOVE the shock) and dismal re-sale. The quality just wasn't there, not worth the money IMO.
  5. Buy a can of Mr Sheen and cut up an old pair of tracky-dacks :)

    ... also garaging it or at least putting a bike cover over it will be half the battle.
  6. thanks for the reminder, helent. I have a few rust spots on my GPX. Nothing big, not many (one or two).

    Anyone able to help with it? The main one I notice is on the handlebar, near the brake lever. Do I just spray on some WD-40? oil of some kind? Get a bit of sandpaper?

    -Mechanically Clueless.
  7. Rust needs to be sanded away or cut out of car-bodies etc, but I imagine this is surface patches just starting on your bike?

    A wire brush or sandpaper can be used to remove loose rust or surface debris, yes.
    Don't go nuts and try to get it all off though - you don't want to damage anything!

    Then use a product like Resteco.
    Any Repco of SuperCheap Auto will have some sort of rust removal product you can use.

    Just beware of spilling it on other parts of your bike, as many products use a lime or acid as the active ingredient.

    To prevent rust give your bike a wipe-down before garaging if it's wet. Regular cleaning with a metal polish or WD40 will also help prevent rust ingress.
  8. Thanks!

    I'll have to pick up a few supplies in the next few weeks
  9. Whoops forgot!

    Make sure to follow the product's instructions and wipe off/clean/whatever they recommend after using the product.

    As nasty as rust is on your brake leaver, you don't want to leave acid sitting there acting on it either! :eek:
  10. I seen a GS same as mine ,same model ,km's ,colour and it was full off rust ,bars ,chain ect .

    Read www.korider.com

    Its has good review and bad ,it's a gamble ,one thing is for sure ,you will not get half price for it when you trade it in, 1 year latter.
  11. Have seen NO evidence at all (at least here in Perth anyway) of teh Hyo resale valuse being any worse than any other brands.

    in terms of quality, well i can only comment really from my own experience and i dont really have anything bad to say, so as far as i'm concerned thats all good.

    The new CBF250 is a single i believe, but i could be wrong. Yep that bike is priced well also. But before that was in teh OZ market Honda had nothing even close to the Hyo. In all honesty i think one major factor in Honda bringing in the CBF is so that they can compete more directly with Hyo on price. VTR's for example were 8 or 9,000!
  12. yep, CBF is a single

    Again, folks, let's compare apples with apples, huh, otherwise the comparison means nothing
  13. Agree. What's a new VTR250 worth? and how does that compare to the comet?
  14. Exactly Paul.

    I would have thought this is a fair comparrison, but i may be wrong ?

    So VTR approx $8,000 + ORC
    GT250 approx 6,000 + ORC (thats from memory, so correct me if i'm wrong)

    VTR is a superior machine in build quality. It does feel a tighter package. Has a little more go at the bottom end i think. But is it worth 2g's more? thats the question.
  15. Yep duffman the same feedback in the states. :grin:

  16. You got to remember there talking the aquila ,not a gt or gtr and a trade in ,selling private will get more ,but might take 6 months to sell .
    You might get more we will never know ,but it will be a hard re-sell ,and its some thing to think about ,more on the hyo then the other models.
    IMHO. :wink:
    Im looking at the 650 ,but the re-sell is holding be back ,if i don't like it.