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Hyosung Mechanic Needed. Pro or Backyarder!!!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by SarcasticGamer8, May 16, 2011.

  1. I have a 2009 Hyosung GT250R and am due (or possibly over due) for its first service since being in my hands.

    It has done almost 11,000Ks on the clock.

    I live in Williams Landing and work in Williamstown and wondering which mechanic to use?

    Race Replica is the closest mechanics to me and say they can service the bike for me but will have to order parts in as they are a Kawasaki dealer.

    I was wondering if there are any Hyo owners who can recommend a workshop for our Korean bikes that aren't called Peter Stevens?
    I have read good things about Stafford Motorcycles but wondering if there is anyone more conveniently located.

    I have actually already purchased the chain, sprockets, oil filter online.
    Does anyone know if mechanics are happy to install the parts or if they frown upon it as I assume they would have a lower profit margin this way?

    Also, I am happy to pay someone to do a backyard job - assuming they're not a novice.

    Thanks for any help and info given.
  2. Dennis from Inline Cycling is a nice guy, he did service for me yesterday, ask him if he'd do it for you.
  3. Staffords in Heidelberg
  4. +1 , but beware to check the work over well before riding off. I've had a couple of irritations there now. Still far better than stevo's.
  5. I hope this does not come across the wrong way but why not do it yourself?

    Also if thats 11,000 without a service then you'd want to get onto that, it might be different if its an EFis but the service intervals on my 2007 is every 4000kms.

    Im no expert but i can help you get a service manual (for Free) and im happy to answer any questions you have.

    Trust me when i say that you can service it yourself with very little tools and it will take you an afternoon at most :)
  6. Thanks for the info.
    I might go to Everthing 2 Wheels as they are slightly closer.

    Samuel - I have only had the bike since 10,000ks and the previous owner looked after the bike well.
    I have already downloaded and printed the owners and service manual but thanks for the offer.
    Changing the oil, oil filter and brake fluid is easy. The main reason I want to take it to the shop is because:
    1) First bike, so not sure what is right/wrong/normal in terms of the bikes performance, sounds, etc. - I would prefer a pro to go over it and list what it needs.
    2) Has oil leaks from suspected head gasket - needs to be looked at and changed by someone that is not me.
    3) If the chain needs replacing during this service I would also prefer it to be by someone that is not me.

    Plus the owner of the house I'm at has specifically suggested that no mechanical work be done in there garage as they don't want it to have oil and grime in it... twat-tastic, i know.
  7. 4) Need to upgrade the front tyre as I'm sure it is the same tyre that came new from the factory.

    -Just got a reply from E2W, Pete only does Jap bikes so Staffords, here I come.
  8. My mate had this in his rental agreement and pretty much ran a mechanic workshop from the place. lol

    Sixty degrees in notting hill is good. i got them to do my hyo. Better service and alot cheaper than stevos
  9. OCD Motorcycles in Bayswater give great service, they have a special on minor services atm. ocdmotorcycles.com.au